“It would be good for the church”

There are proponents and opponents: now Monika Grutters, Minister of Culture and a member of the Catholic German Women's Association, is arguing for women to be admitted to the Catholic priesthood – and giving reasons for her call.

"With more women in the male-dominated church, so many cases of abuse would not have been possible," Grutters (CDU) said Tuesday evening at the Berlin launch event of the campaign "move" of the Catholic German Women's Federation (KDFB). Church structures would have facilitated the sexual abuse of protected persons.

Women in ordination offices would help "stabilize community life. They bring skills that are different from those of men. That would be good for the church," emphasized Grutters, who is herself a member of the KDFB. Equality is not an end in itself. Women's participation 'creates diversity'.

In the globalized world, many people are looking for support and orientation, the Catholic said. "It hurts that our church hardly finds answers to this anymore." Grutters called on women to "move the church".

Nationwide KDFB campaign "Move!"

In art and culture, too, women are still "confronted with a lack of appreciation," the politician continued. "Men occupy top positions, earn more, have leadership positions on which others orient themselves."Particularly in view of the MeToo debate, parity in the filling of management positions is the best prevention against abuse.

Berlin KDFB chairwoman Barbara John called on women not to remain in the "victim role" but to take on the "aggressor role.

The nationwide KDFB campaign "Bewegen!" was on the world woman day on 8. March was launched. Key topics include women's ordination, solidarity and pay equity. Since its founding in 1903, the KDFB has campaigned for the equal participation of women in all areas of life.

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