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When editors, directors and cameramen are all about children, some immediately think of KiKa. But in addition to the popular broadcaster, another Erfurt company is making a name for itself in this sector: Kinderfilm GmbH. The results of their productions are films that children and young people can identify with and programs that they take with them to another world in which they can learn and experience.

In the repertoire of Kinderfilm GmbH you can find feature films for cinema and TV as well as TV programs such as "Die Trickboxx" or "". These cover both the fictional and the non-fictional area. Reflects on all productions yourself Philosophy of the Kinderfilm GmbH again: The "little ones" play the biggest role. "Every child has special talents" and these are recognized and used in corresponding films. Small talents are discovered in kindergarten, schools, on the street or in agencies all over Germany. For the search for the right young actors become big part Organized castings for which children can apply. A family atmosphere and personal attention enables the kids to develop a joy in playing.

Kinderfilm GmbH has existed in Erfurt since summer 2000. "High quality formats for children and young people" are produced. Different topics that are interesting for children are taken up here. The first feature film produced by Kinderfilm GmbH is called “Die Blindgänger” and was made in 2004. Because of its unusual history, it received numerous prizes and awards. The focus is on two girls who have the same problems and thoughts as any other teenager their age, with one difference: they are blind. As you one get to know russian-german boys, they decide to help him come back to his homeland. The latest cinema film "Zitronenfalter, halt`s Maul" (2008) by the small Erfurt company deals with a serious topic again. This short feature film is about a boy who comes from a broken family and is deported to the youth home. The latter approaches an outsider in the home until the story changes again.

The TV productions include the feature film "Who kisses an iguana?" (2003) and the TV series "Our Ten Commandments" (2006), which bring the little ones closer to the little ones in a clear, child-friendly way should. The little viewers will soon be expecting new episodes of the TV series “”. Here children, together with the police, solve criminal cases in the vicinity of children. The children’s crime series is supported by the production of the well-known ARD series “Tatort”.

With cinema and TV formats for children dealing with imaginative and interesting children’s topics, the Erfurter Kinderfilm GmbH contributes to the design of an educational, diverse and above all child-friendly film and television landscape – according to the motto “The little ones play the biggest role”.


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