Every year anew the question for families is where to go on vacation this year and which hotels to go to. The difficulty in choosing family travel destinations is always to make it fair to all family members. After all, vacation is the time of year in which the whole family comes together and finally for once Time for each other Has. Of course, you don’t want to destroy the mood by choosing a destination that doesn’t lead to boredom and discomfort among family members. So you have to talk to each other and choose a goal where the opportunity is high, that everyone likes it, no matter how many years the children count. So why not one this year Family vacation Maldives maybe even plan as a package tour? To paradise with the family – that doesn’t sound like boredom.

Family vacation Maldives – The most important things at a glance

  • The Maldives is an ideal destination for the whole family
  • There are some resorts that specialize in families
  • Many resorts offer extensive childcare & animation

Family vacation Maldives: With family to paradise?

There are a lot of holiday regions that are ideal for family holidays, especially as a package tour. Regions where amusement parks and other activities invite you to enjoy different experiences together and no matter how many years the family members count – everyone will have fun. Or where adventure parks with various water slides, wave pools and other activities keep the whole family busy. The Maldives and their hotels are not one of those typical regions for a good family vacation. However, this does not mean that you do not have a family here fantastic time can spend days and nights. It is only necessary to pay attention to one or the other, especially if you have planned to experience the Maldives with children.

Tips for booking a vacation with children in the Maldives

A Maldives family vacation is a huge adventure. After ten hours of flight, you land in Male at the capital airport. The transfer to the booked resort starts from here. The transfer itself is already the first unforgettable moment for the whole family. If the resort is closer to the capital, it goes with that speedboat to the hotel island. If the island is further away, the transfer with the seaplane done. The small fan guns allow an unforgettable view of the dreamy atolls of the Maldives – endless azure water masses and countless in between white Spots – islands that characteristically come with soft, white coral sand. This sight also forgets a child that only a few years doesn’t count that quickly.

Maldives with children

Are you planning to travel to the Maldives with your child? We have the top 5 most child-friendly resorts for you!

Choose the right island: When choosing the right resort for a family vacation, however, there are a few things to consider about the details and offers. One of the most important things is choosing the right Maldives island. Some of the islands among the hotel islands in the Maldives have house reefs right in front of the island itself. What is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in Maldives diving to quickly become a real danger for children who are only a few years old. Here you should make sure that you opt for a resort or for the hotels that are on an island, the one gently sloping beach to have. Even smaller children can play safely in the water on these beaches.

Choose the right type of food: A second point to watch out for is choosing the right type of food in the hotels. Offers for relatively cheap holidays in the Maldives often come with full board or half board. If you want to book a Maldives all-inclusive holiday in an island paradise, the price at first glance seems higher than a comparable stay with a different type of catering. And yet there is a clear at the end lower price, if you have the All inclusive Choose variant at best with a package tour for several nights. This has a simple background.

Interesting: Why All Inclusive is recommended

There are special resorts for family vacations?

There are a number of very good resorts and hotels that do not necessarily specialize completely in family vacations, but that do have a number of details and Additional offers for family travelers to have. If you want to explore the Maldives with family, you will quickly find that it makes sense to choose a resort that has additional offers for families with children. A Maldives family vacation can best be realized when the parents have the opportunity to be on their own and to relax a little. For this purpose, various resorts offer offers such as Travels for the children or childcare by specially trained staff, mostly for children from 3 years.

Our top 3 family resorts in the Maldives

For a Maldives family vacation you have to choose the right Maldives resort. At one of these three resorts, you can’t go wrong as a family with a package tour.

Bandos Maldives

The Bandos Maldives is known as one of the most kid-friendly resorts in the Maldives. Here. Only 7 kilometers from Male Airport, everyone will find what they need for a perfect family vacation in Maldives. Starting from Kids club, who can keep the little ones busy all day, if necessary Animation and evening events for children to excellent medical care for the whole family. in the children pool Even the little ones can splash around with ease and when it comes to the beach, the resort offers life jackets for children to borrow. But Bandos Maldives not only offers the perfect vacation fun for children. Parents and young people also get their money’s worth here. In the diving school for example, parents and children alike can learn to dive and explore the breathtaking underwater world of the Maldives. The Bandos Maldives is also well catered for children and young people as visitors. So if next year it means exploring the Maldives with family, the Bandos Maldives is definitely one of the best addresses for it.


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