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Does your child have difficulty reading or writing or reading? count, although it is otherwise good at school? Then it is possible that your child suffers from a learning disorder that requires treatment.

At the HTG Therapy Center in Lübeck, we develop a treatment plan in the area of ​​occupational therapy that is tailored to your child’s personal needs in the event of a learning disorder. With the help of games and individually solvable tasks, we support every child affected by a learning disorder in learning.


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You can receive treatment appointments by appointment outside of reception hours.

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The learning disorders LRS and dyscalculia

There are different types of learning disorders. The most well-known include reading and spelling weakness (LRS) as well as arithmetic weakness (dyscalculia). In contrast to a learning disability, a learning disorder or learning disability is characterized by the fact that a child generally learns as well as other children of his age, but has greater difficulties in certain areas.

If your child is affected by a learning disability, such as LRS or dyscalculia, we provide targeted support for your child with the help of individual occupational therapy measures. Our Lübeck HTG therapy center offers an extremely friendly and relaxed environment in which we Her child Bring them back to the necessary skills with targeted tasks and lots of fun.

Support for learning disorders with occupational therapy

With us there is an in-depth examination of your child’s individual needs before every therapy to help with learning disorders. Only when we have a clear picture of the child’s need for support can we design a treatment plan that is tailored to the special needs of your child and begin our actual work.

The type of treatment we choose is always precisely adapted to the particular form of a learning disorder. At the same time, we take a holistic approach to our treatment. We want to reach every child on as many levels as possible. That is why we not only promote a small cognitive area, but also train areas such as perception in a playful way.

Our general basic treatment plan:

  • Improve visual perception
  • Develop better gross, fine and oral motor skills
  • Optimizing auditory attention
  • Strengthen the concentration and memory

For the best possible results, a precise plan is required that covers all important areas. This means that with the aspects just mentioned, we create a first basis with which we can then develop further treatment options and thus act specifically against LRS or dyscalculia.

HTG therapy center – we offer professional help for learning disorders

The employees in our Lübeck HTG Therapy Center have been supporting children for years who are affected by various forms of learning disorders. The special focus of our therapeutic concept lies in a holistic approach and in an individual and loving treatment of your child.

If your child suffers from a learning disorder, we are happy to support and look forward to hearing from you. Contact us so that we can overcome your child’s deficits in German or mathematics.


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