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Even if the 40th birthday is less spectacular than other round birthdays, it still deserves to be celebrated properly. In addition to the party and gifts, the birthday card is also important. In addition to the standard phrases, this should also contain one or more poems in order to distinguish them from ordinary birthday cards.

Poems for family and friends

Writing 40th birthday poems is certainly not always easy. However, if the birthday child is a family member or closest friend, it will certainly not be that difficult to find some nice words. poetry They also do not necessarily have to clean themselves, provided the content is suitable. So some details about the private life of the person make themselves beautiful, as well as maybe some information about the 40th birthday itself. Depending on whether the guest of honor likes fun, even small ones can witty Sayings to be built into the poems.

Poems for colleagues

Often, however, birthday cards should also be written for work colleagues, for example, or even for the boss. Here too, 40th birthday poems are generally not out of place. However, it should be noted that the poems themselves are simpler and not too personal, depending on the relationship with the person. Generally, less is more. So it is also sufficient if you simply summarize the popular phrases for a birthday in a two-liner.

The most beautiful 40th birthday poems:

40? You used to think it was a biblical age,
and now you yourself are among the "old"!
But earlier you were just confused,
now you admit you were wrong,
now at 40 you see with enthusiasm:
Some are even young at 50!

10 years – childhood, wonderful!
20 years – adolescence, great!
The 30 is a big step –
But the 40 – they are a hit!

A young bung yesterday –
40 now – congratulations,
we wish you luck and stay healthy –
and may you never completely lose youth!

40 years now,
Wrinkles conquer the face,
but the hair also turns gray –
You are older – but you are not old!

Survived 40 years!
That’s a reason we found,
for a warm congratulation:
Stay healthy – you are already old!

Old and tired? Overwhelmed and tortured?
Over 40 is told a lot of nonsense.
But now we see the reality:
We see 40 years of quality with you!

Full of joie de vivre and full of strength,
full of energy and momentum,
full of love and passion –
are you 40 years old today!

Still glowing with zeal,
often sparkling with enthusiasm,
you don’t let yourself be defeated by age,
even 40 years cannot get you down!

What is love? What is luck?
You see a lot differently now at the age of 40.
But age doesn’t change the view –
You are not old – only experienced now!

Ready for anything at 40 –
but with more serenity!
Still enthusiastic at 40, but careful –
We congratulate you on doing well!

Passionate, cheerful,
cheerful and cordial
It has always been like this with you –
Stay with 40 – just YOU!

Is it true? You are 40 years old?
You don’t seem that old to us!
We warmly congratulate you on this –
And just wear it with humor!

40 years ?! We never believe that!
You never see that!
Tell us the strategy,
how to stay so young at 40?!

Now you can see the four at the beginning,
now the years with the three are over!
But you can’t see anything out of 40 –
You are at most twenty times two!

40 years! They are quickly gone,
you could always keep the joy of life!
We wish you good luck and joy
To you in the next 40 years!

The time of becoming is over,
There have been many turbulent times.
We wish you love, courage and strength,
Pleasure, ideas and joy.

40 years under her belt,
created and created a lot.
And with pace and sugar
the decades are now four.

Happy New Year,
Creativity and sunshine.
Love, happiness and God’s blessing
Should be your companion.

Aware of your strengths and full of strength
Did you get far when you were 40?.
With passion, pleasure and iron will
You will continue to fill your life’s work.

Christmas, Easter and Pentecost
Celebrate big and small,
But your 40th birthday,
It belongs only to you alone.

Who simply forgets his 40th,
Rather live simply than measure himself.

It is not easy to call the number 40.
Maybe you will already know a few folds.
But in the most permanent view,
You may notice how fresh you are.

A day full of enjoyment, love and joy
Hopefully it will be today.
Your seasons are 40 years old.
So live up and make yourself fine.

You are 40 years old on earth
Some easy and some difficult.
There are still many decades to come.
Just stay grateful and curious.

At 40, there is a tree
upright, strong and deeply connected.
He still has some dreams,
Has overcome wind and weather.

He stands there in full splendor,
Embodies grace, strength and courage.
Do it the same: be proud of yourself.
Then you’re always good.

40 years of river noise
Forms even the largest stone.
But you shouldn’t change roles –
You should always be the water.

Bouquet, birthday cake,
Very special gifts –
When you are 40 you understand the world
And recognize what really matters.

With both feet firmly in life,
There will still be some dreams.
Take the chance and shape your luck,
Then the next 40 give you a lot back.

You have climbed many a mountain,
Earned some victory and honor.
You have already come a long way.
And you have achieved a great deal.

But the review should not scare you,
You will continue to stretch and stretch in the future,
Set new goals for you and break new ground.
That’s why we want to give you pleasure today.

4 liters of knowledge, 2 grams of delight,
A pinch of patience, charm, a kiss from the muse,
Prudence and 5 spoons "You are the best!"-
So you bake the cake for the 40th party.

A ship that bravely sails in the wind,
The storm and flood are familiar.
On course for the worlds,
Doesn’t know rest or rest.
Enjoy the ride:
Because you are the captain.

Steadfast, smart, warm and full of good cheer –
We wish you all the best for the 40th.

Commercials, posters and spotlight –
You really don’t need all that.
At 40 you know cheerfulness and sometimes a rake,
We wish you luck.
You’re just a brand.

Like tracks in the sand
Are yours now 40 years.
And with a light hand
Do you write life in it.

You should be an adult at 40,
Reasonable, set and trustworthy.
But you know what’s more important:
That you just enjoy your life.


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