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A woman

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The night place

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A woman

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Review to " A woman " by Marcel Möring

Minje 4 years ago

The book "The woman" by Marcel Möring was published in 2009 in the Luchterland literary publishing house. In 2007 the original was published by De Bezige Bij.

The book takes place in Holland in 2000. We Experienced however, from the life of the protagonist events that happened in France and Australia.
Laura. 60 years old. She has been a hotel owner for 20 years. Inclusive gourmet restaurant. And one day – everything is over. She escapes into a closet and cries. It pulls itself together and continues to function. An aggressive guest ruins their health. The doctor has to come and sew her wound. Her whole past hurried past her.
What happened bad in their past? What will be the consequences??

Topic: Various issues are addressed in the book – loneliness, thoughts of death, painful memories. The question: Can you successfully repress your past for life??

The protagonist Laura, I like her, a woman who has experienced bad things. A woman who tries to be strong. She tries to manage her life successfully. That displaces everything that could confuse her emotional life.

Language and style are excellent. It is a real pleasure to read the short story. As if the author draws a picture with a lot of love and dedication and always lingers on important details.

Tension: Even if the plot is short in the present, there is still a tension curve because there are reviews of Laura’s past. The reader wants to know what bad things she has experienced. He is annoyed, maybe he would have acted differently. In the end relief.

Conclusion: a literary masterpiece!

Review to " In the forest " by Marcel Möring

serendipity3012 5 years ago

"… I wish you were happy and would allow yourself to be happy."

For twenty years, Marcus Kolpa and his daughter Rebecca have lived in a secluded house on a hill and live a retired life. As Rebecca first a few Months old, his wife Chaja suddenly left Marcus: Without a suitcase and without an explanation, she disappeared, and Marcus has not known over the years why Chaja is still alive and, if so, where she is. Marcus has written a very successful novel that allows him to live financially independently and to devote himself entirely to the education of his daughter, on whom he is completely focused. But Rebecca is now an adult, will move out and go to London.

Marcel Möring’s protagonist has been living “in the forest” for a very long time when movement comes into his life and the novel begins: his daughter is leaving. His mother, who emigrated to Israel – they are Jews – and has rarely been visited in recent years, dies, and Marcus flies to Israel to settle her estate. He realizes that he not only knew almost nothing about her life, but also that nobody there knows about his existence. After a long time, he starts asking questions again. Will he still find out who his father was? His mother had kept this from him for life. And Chaja? Will her disappearance still clear up??

"In the forest" tells of the life of Marcus Kolpa, who retired from the world after a stroke of fate. In flashbacks, the reader learns about his previous life, his relationship with his wife, his great love that just disappeared one night.

"What are you going to do now?" He asked.
"I will raise my child. I will breathe. I’ll cook food and eat it. And the day will come when I have to assume that she won’t come back. "

Marcel Möring’s novel tells in a sober, laconic tone, but nevertheless hauntingly about his protagonist, who has given up on expecting something from life and has withdrawn from the world. The dull, at least a little. He realizes that it might be worth asking questions and being open to new things. It is never too late to change anything again, not even to change yourself. The reader going with Marcus on his journey into the past and finally into the present, in the hope that something is still waiting for him. A convincingly drawn character, this Marcus Kolpa, with whom one likes to be excited. And a well-told story that you are only too happy to immerse yourself in.


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