“Marriage is a special responsibility”

In the debate about the spousal splitting, the Family Federation of Catholics makes itself strong for the tax regulation. The state must "promote the reliable amption of responsibility," says association president Elisabeth Bubmann in an interview with our site. Not the sexual inclination was the decisive criterion.

Interviewer: Is spousal splitting still up to date??

Bubmann: It's not only timely, it's also about preventing marriages from being put at a disadvantage. And it is about freedom of choice: Each couple should be able to decide on the division of their tasks – gainful employment and/or family activities. Quite fundamentally, it is the case that the state must promote the reliable amption of responsibility fiscally. This is not only to be determined by the criterion of a sexual inclination – in the case of same-sex partnerships. But this is to be determined by communities of responsibility.
Interviewer: You speak of responsibility – to whom?

Bubmann: Married couples are not only responsible for each other and with each other – they guarantee the future of society by raising children and accompanying children into life. This is a special responsibility.
Interviewer: Many couples today do not have children and yet benefit from spousal splitting…

Bubmann: Since 1957, marriage has been a community of responsibility and economy, d.h. the married couples live out of a purse – and the marriage is centered on children. This basis is the reason not to discriminate against marriage. Of course, much has changed in our society since then. And in the case of a new regulation, such as the one currently being discussed, one must think very fundamentally and make some changes in the process. Because you will also find that the tax system as a whole is not exactly fair. But the state should nevertheless continue to take into account the reliable amption of responsibility. Because 70 percent of all married couples have children.
Interviewer: Now there are also many who are in favor of family splitting in the current discussion. Here, a family income and, depending on the number of children, the tax liability is calculated. How do you stand?

Bubmann: In this proposal, especially families with many children and a high income will be relieved. At the same time, there would be higher tax losses.
Interviewer: What does the family federation wish?

Bubmann: An overall factual and ideology-free discussion about how to handle the tax procedure for parents in our society. But one thing must be retained: spousal splitting.

The interview was conducted by Matthias Friebe.

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