Netherlands – vacation country! Vacation for children

A collection of useful tourist information about the German-Dutch border area!

    Vacation plans? How about the Netherlands? Holland offers much more than the beach and the lake. You can hike in beautiful forest and meadow landscapes, cycling over dikes and through heath areas, canoeing on lakes and rivers. But historical cities and dreamy villages are also waiting for you, or amusement parks, water parks, museums and much more! The holiday in the Netherlands starts right behind the border!

    Netherlands: Holidays for children who love variety

    Holland is a fantastic holiday destination for families with children! The campsites and holiday parks are known for their child friendliness. There is always something to experience and discover here. Many of these accommodations don’t just have animation team, but also numerous game facilities, Swimming pools and much more. Holidays in the Netherlands – that doesn’t mean boredom for a second!

    Holland holidays for sporty people

    If you prefer to be on the move all day, you can live to your heart’s content during a holiday in the Netherlands! The network of cycle paths is huge and takes you through the most beautiful landscapes. Are you a water rat When vacationing in Holland, the water is always nearby. Rivers and lakes are not only ideal for swimming, but also for canoeing or fishing. Or test your courage with a round of water skiing!

    Experience the real Netherlands: Holidays in the country

    Do you love country life? Are you a nature lover Then Holland Holidays are just the thing for you. The many campsites, holiday parks, farms and other accommodations are in the most beautiful rural areas with forests, heath, meadows, rivers and lakes. In the villages you can still see in small museums how people used to live here. You will have an unforgettable holiday in the Netherlands!

    Visit a zoo or amusement park during your holiday in Holland!

    A visit to one of the amusement parks is a real highlight of your holiday in the Netherlands! Take a rollercoaster ride in the Slagharen amusement park or whiz down the waterfall in the Hellendoorn adventure park with a tree boat! Animal lovers spend a fantastic day in one of the zoos in Holland, for example in Arnhem or Emmen. Meet dolphins and walruses in the Harderwijk dolphinarium or experience monkeys up close in the Apenheul Apeldoorn. Who knows, maybe one of the monkeys even jumps on your shoulder!

    Netherlands – holiday paradise for children and their parents!


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