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Notdienst - dental practice alfhausen - your dental practice in alfhausen

emergency service

Emergency service for the Christmas days:

12/21/19 and 12/22/2019:

Dr. Ansgar warrior

24.12.19 and 25.12.19

Dr. Ines Groneik


ZÄ Meta Helene Hellweger

28.12.19 and 29.12.19

ZÄ. Kornelia Freie-Leppich


Dr. Margarete Ungemach – Herlemann

Dr. Günter Herlemann


Dr. Ralf Juchtmans

Bramscher Strasse 10

04.01.20 and 05.01.20

Dr. Stefanie Martin

Grosse Strasse 14

We wish you a merry christmas & Happy New Year.

Your practice team

Our tips for emergencies:

Loosening of crown, bridge, inlay
If a crown, bridge or inlay loosens, you can temporarily fix it again using toothpaste or denture adhesive. Call us so that we can make an appointment for the repair of your filling or denture for the next day.

If the gums are small, rinsing with a mouthwash solution containing the active ingredient chlorhexidine, for example Chlorhexamed, Curasept or Meridol-PARO, helps. Inflammation of the gums should, however, always be investigated, since this can lead to periodontitis, which can threaten the hold of healthy teeth in the advanced stage. Make an appointment in our practice so that we can find out the cause and treat it early.

Sensitive teeth
With sensitive teeth, special toothpastes, for example Elmex sensitive or Sensodyne, can actually alleviate the symptoms. If your teeth suddenly become hypersensitive, it helps to rub them in with one of these toothpastes and leave them in for half an hour. Make sure to make an appointment with us so that we can find out and treat the cause of your pain.

Bleeding after tooth extraction
If bleeding occurs after tooth extraction, you can stop the bleeding by cooling the corresponding cheek and biting lightly on a clean tissue. If the bleeding does not stop, gets worse or you feel an unpleasant taste in your mouth, please call us to make an appointment! The current emergency service telephone numbers can be found in the daily newspapers. You can also find all the important information about the emergency service, including our mobile phone number, on our answering machine. If you need to have surgery before the weekend, you will be given a doctor’s number in the event of a complication.

Severe toothache
If you have a severe toothache and your cheek swells, please come to our practice immediately or go to the dental emergency service. Please give us a call beforehand so that we can plan your visit.

Throbbing pain, severe at night
Severe, throbbing and increasing pain at night, which can no longer be alleviated with normal pain relievers, also indicate inflammation in the tooth and should be treated immediately.

dental accidents
If, in the event of an accident, a piece of your tooth was broken off or the tooth was knocked out completely, please keep it in pasteurized milk or sterile saline from the pharmacy. If necessary, you can simply put it in clean water. Then go to the dentist immediately. So the tooth can still be saved and reinserted.

Dr. Hermann Meyer and Ines Gennermann
In the gardens 1
49594 Alfhausen

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