Palina Rojinski: Bust size hammer in a dirndl – "But hello! ", stars

Advertising Mail Creates Enthusiasm

Palina Rojinski: Bust size hammer in a dirndl – “But hello!”

Updated: 19.10.19 08:42

Actually, it’s just a commercial posting from Palina Rojinski. But the fact that she shows herself in a dirndl brings her a lot of enthusiasm.

Update from 5 October 2019: Palina Rojinski is not only in demand as a TV presenter and actress, but also as an advertising character. Now she posted a PR photo on her Instagram account with which she presents a cosmetic product. But many fans don’t have an eye for the little remedy or for the somewhat clumsy wording of the praise.

Instead, Palina Rojinski’s beautiful head and décolleté are the big eye-catcher. Obviously the photo was taken in the Oktoberfest outfit. Both hairstyle and dirndl point to the Wiesn. And the sight, including the XXL décolleté, brings her lots of flame emojis.

A post shared by Palina Rojinski (@palinski) on Oct 3, 2019 at 11:28 PDT

Some people joke whether it’s a man’s butt again at the neckline (see March update). But there are also very nice words. “I would like to be the tube,” writes a fan. “But hello, man, I can’t believe it. Beauty of nature”, says another slightly confused. “Really cool” a third. “What a woman,” writes another.

And some already know why Rojinski doesn’t just post head and tube: “Décolleté has to be on it, of course”, unkt one. In addition, Palina Rojinski also collects various harsh words from people who can’t behave – which really doesn’t have to be.

Palina Rojinski shows bust size in bikini: This time it’s not “bricklayer décolleté”.

Update from September 12, 2019: A rare picture of the presenter Palina Rojinski: She shows herself with a deep section on Instagram – and this time it is not a disguised man’s butt with which the 33-year-old wanted to denounce the media coverage as well as slippery comments on revealing pictures (we reported below). Happily grinning all in blue, Palina from Ibiza shines into the camera. “Wait while eating blueberries for my blue miracle. Wish everyone a short Monday,” she writes about her picture.

Of course their fans are thrilled: “Magical cleavage” they write and find the redhead “hot”. Of course, there’s also an allusion to Palina’s mocking action: “This isn’t another bricklayer décolleté, is it?” asks one user, and adds: “I like nothing”, with a laughing smiley – just to be on the safe side.

Funnily enough, most fans are interested in a completely different detail: the oversized Cat-Eye sunglasses, which the presenter wears – matching the outfit also in blue. “Where did you get the fat sunglasses, she’s the killer?” asks one user, for example. And many other comments are also dedicated to the glasses. No wonder: Palina’s fashionable accessory is a perfect match!

A post shared by Palina Rojinski (@palinski) on Sep 9, 2019 at 2:39 PDT

While Palina Rojinski attracts the attention of the fans with her holiday photo, Barbara Schöneberger plays her charms with two breakdown videos on Instagram and guarantees deep insights. There is also confusion about the similarity between Lady Gaga and Madonna’s daughter.

Presenter Palina Rojinski with intimate lingerie confession

Update from April 15, 2019: TV star Palina Rojinski has hung up rhythmic gymnastics. But of course the lively redhead keeps fit. What the 33-year-old wears under her clothes during fitness is no longer a secret. In a radio talk with Barbara Schöneberger, Palina Rojinski has revealed that she wears two bras at sports. “One of these really bad granny bras, which completely surrounds the whole chest with the underwire and then around the top. And on top of that a really firm sports top.”

A courageous confession, especially as Rojinski often gets tactless comments about her bust size on her Instagram account. In a gala interview, Palina told Rojinski that she had suffered from her large bust especially as a teenager. She was dissatisfied with her proportions. But over time she learned to feel comfortable in her body. “I think it’s dangerous if we’re all reduced to the look. And reduce ourselves to that,” Palina Rojinski once told Gala magazine. Another presenter is also making headlines. TV presenter Elke Hofmann suffered a stroke at the dentist, now she has to live with her fear.

Palina Rojinski more open than ever: “Actually, I’m a physical wreck”

Update from April 12, 2019: At the age of 33, Palina Rojinski should be in the prime of life. But far from it: As the presenter on the radio show “barba radio” admits, she feels more like a 60-year-old. “Actually, I am a physical wreck,” Rojinski explains in a conversation with Barbara Schöneberger. The reason is her time as a gymnast – she practised this sport extensively: “I had many injuries. My body is inside, under the skin with all the cartilage, I think, already 50 or 60”.

The time at the gymnastics apparatuses still has an effect on her everyday life today: “When I run, my knees hurt after one kilometre.” She doesn’t want to do without sports, however: “It’s such fun.” Your favourite? Push weights in front of you. “When you push a sled like that in front of you, you get this Terminator feeling. And it’s easier than you think,” she explains.

Palina Rojinski: Together with Klaas Heufer Circulation rear part sold as breasts

Update from March 26, 2019: Among the Instagram photos of Palina Rojinski (33) more than tasteless comments regularly accumulate. The TV presenter doesn’t even have to show a lot of skin to lure perverted users onto her screen. The 33-year-old wanted to show them what it’s all about. With the help of their friend and TV colleague Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, the two of them reached deep into their bag of tricks.

On 22 March, Palina Rojinski posted a photo of a plump neckline on her profile: “Finally a beautiful necklace with my zodiac sign,” commented the former MTV presenter. The picture only showed a deep neckline, a few red strands of hair and a chain with a big “P”.

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