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Family vacation in the Eifel

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The Eifel at a glance

Family vacation in your own country

How about a family vacation in your own country? Grab your children and off you go to the beautiful Eifel! The low mountain region is a single nature park with many animal and plant species to explore! Cities worth seeing and many amusement parks are also waiting for you – just great!

Vacation in your own country is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, Germany has a variety of different and attractive landscapes with a wide range of leisure activities to offer. The Eifel impresses above all with its wonderful, sometimes mystical nature. You and your children will be amazed by the fairytale flair of the region!

Explore the beautiful nature

A holiday in the Eifel means one thing above all: lots of nature! The low mountain range in western Germany attracts more and more visitors who want to explore the majestic beech forests, the ancient oak forests and the mysterious gorges with wild streams. More than 230 endangered plant and animal species are at home here. The whole Eifel is a single nature park in which children can learn and learn a lot about their home environment and the importance of protecting and maintaining them.

In the west, the mountains border on Belgium and Luxembourg. So of course it makes sense to take one or two trips to neighboring countries during the holidays. Which family can claim to have been to three countries on vacation? But there is also enough to explore in the Eifel itself. The remarkable cities of Aachen, Trier and Koblenz are close together and reward the visitor with picturesque views of castles and rivers.

Selected family hotels in the Eifel

Eifel, Germany Sporthotel & Resort Grafenwald

Sporty vacation in the middle of the Vulkaneifel

Eifel, Germany Lindner Ferienpark Nürburgring

Off to the Nürburgring!

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Eifel, Germany Center Parcs Park Eifel

Why travel far when the beautiful is just around the corner? .

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Come on, let’s discover the Eifel!

Boredom? This is a foreign word on this family vacation – after all, there are numerous excursion destinations in the Eifel that you can visit with your children. In summer you can make a variety of amusement parks unsafe, if you spend your winter holiday in the Eifel you can look forward to a white landscape.

Animal excursion destinations

How about an exciting day in the Eifelpark Gondorf? This is located near Bitburg and invites you to observe numerous native animal species in the wild. You can see beavers, lynxes, brown bears and goats. The Canadian timber wolves are a special attraction. A highlight for the little guests is certainly the colorful children’s world with a forest theater, bouncy pillows and a toadstool carousel. The brave family members will surely have fun on the roller coasters and on the Eifel Coaster.

Even if you only spend a short vacation with your children in the Eifel, you should plan a visit to the Eifel Zoo. Here you can admire around 400 animals, including native species such as deer and tree squirrels. Of course there are also animals from distant countries: whether parrots, monkeys, flamingos, tigers and lions – your children’s favorite animal is sure to be here too! And so that you really do not miss anything on your way through the park, you can take the Eifel Zoo train.

The Eifel, in particular the flat Voreifel, is the perfect backdrop for a riding excursion. Many homesteads offer rides on particularly beautiful routes. The best thing to do on vacation is to ask at your accommodation about the nearest horse farm. Regardless of whether you spend your family vacation in the Eifel in a child-friendly hotel or in a holiday home – the next riding stable is certainly not far away!

An exciting adventure for all family members is a visit to the Kasselburg Eagle and Wolf Park in Pelm. Around the historic castle complex of Kasselburg is a 20-hectare area in which birds of prey and wolves are at home. Open-air performances with falcons, kites, vultures and golden eagles take place several times a day.

Between history and water fun

The most scenic part of the Eifel is the Vulkaneifel. In the geomuseums of the region you can learn a lot about the history and origins of the sometimes bizarre landscape. A subsequent hike with the family through the Vulkaneifel World Heritage Site will certainly be an extraordinary experience with this background knowledge.

If your children’s hotel in the Eifel does not have a pool, you do not have to do without swimming fun during this holiday: The Eifelbad in Bad Münstereifel will surely please all small and large water lovers alike. While the little ones are unsure about the giant slides, mom and dad can relax in the sauna area. Then everyone can splash around in the beautifully designed pools – almost like a day in a wellness hotel!

For racing fans, the Nürburgring will surely be the highlight on vacation. Even if there is no major racing event taking place, you can spend an exciting day here. in the "ring factory" you can experience the flair of racing together with the kids every day.

An exciting trip is also waiting for you when you visit the Mühlenberger Stollen visitor mine in Beialf. Here you can experience the history of lead ore mining first-hand with the whole family – of course all underground! When visiting, be sure to think of sturdy clothing and sturdy shoes.

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