Parental leave road trip: Corsica – 5 tour highlights, mountain worlds

During their 2-month parental leave trip Kathy and Peter Schön travelled to Corsica. Not only did they chill on the beach, but they also went hiking and biking with their two children. They tell us about their tour highlights on the mountainous Mediterranean island.

First of all a note: Our recommendations are not tours that can be completely walked by small children, but tours that can be easily done with a child in the Kraxe or in the carrying system (or the bike tour with bicycle trailer) – in other words, tours that are not too long, not exposed and not too overgrown. The tours don’t have any larger climbing areas and ideally also have a “candy” for the little ones.

Corsica – 5 outdoor tours with children

1. stunning Calanche panorama on the cliffs of Capu Rosso

  • Duration: 3 hours (Stichtour, not suitable for short cuts)
  • Length: 7,7 km
  • Height difference: 500 m
  • Region: West Coast, Piana

Brief description: Quite sunny tour on the panoramic Capu Rosso peninsula. The destination is the Genoa Tower Tour de Turghiu, where the cliffs drop 300 meters vertically into the sea. First we follow an easy, unmissable path to the foot of the striking rocks of Capu Rosso. From there the path leads through the macchia up to a channel between the rocks and finally steeply through some slat bands to the tower. The view there to the Gulf of Porto is magnificent and the tower is so well preserved that one can climb an unsecured stairway to the observation platform – but better without a child.

Tip: Be sure to pack your bathing suit in your car and end the day at the beautiful Plage d’Arone after the tour.

2. on the old mule track through Calanche

  • Duration: 1.75 hours (round trip)
  • Length: 4 km
  • Height difference: 270 m
  • Region: West Coast, Piana

Brief description: Very varied tour with a steep ascent from the Chalet des Roches Bleues. Afterwards it is quite flat and shady through a beautiful, fern-covered spruce forest, where also smaller children can walk well themselves. The descent follows through a rocky heath landscape to the highlight of the tour – the mule track high above the road. Here, one can enjoy impressive deep views to the red rocks of the Calanche and the deep blue water of the Gulf of Porto. The path is not exposed, but it requires some head for heights.

3rd hike with Gumpenbad in the Fango Valley

  • Duration: 2 hours (Stichtour, can be shortened well)
  • Length: 4 km
  • Altimeter: –
  • Region: West Coast, Galeria

Brief description: Flat tour on well marked path along the mudflats. At first the path leads high above the river. Halfway along the route you have good access to partly shallow and partly deeper swimming pools with crystal clear water and reddish rocks. Since the pools near Tuarelli are more frequented, we recommend the ones in the middle of the route for bathing. With older children the tour can also be mastered as a river hike through the water.

4. high alpine flair at Lake Melo, the origin of the Restonica

  • Duration: 2.25 hours (stitch tour with 2 variants in the upper part, not suitable for shortening)
  • Length: 4 km
  • Height difference: 340 m
  • Region: Inland, Corte

Brief description: The hike to Lake Melo is very busy, but nevertheless recommended because of the picturesque mountain scenery and the picturesquely situated lake. At first it goes quite flat over several streams and past ancient pines, until the path divides into a heavier and easier variant at a plateau. The “acces difficile” leads pathless over rock plates and two ladders attached to the rock. It can be done with Kraxe, but sure-footedness and a head for heights are prerequisites. The simpler variant is more difficult to walk due to larger steps, but it is not exposed. The lake offers beautiful picnic spots, but bathing is more a matter for the hard-boiled due to the temperature.

5th bike tour to the lonely dream bay Cala di Conca

  • Duration: 2.5 hours (stitch tour, not suitable for short cuts)
  • Length: 25 km
  • Altitude difference: 390 m
  • Region: West Coast, Sartène

Brief description: The bike tour to Cala di Conca is actually a comfortable thing, with a bicycle trailer incl. two children, beach gear, food and drink for the whole team but rather sporty, at least for the one who pulls the carrier. On the way to the bay it goes mostly downhill on partly quite washed out sand tracks. On the way there are a few scrap cars, free running bulls, wild horses and with a little luck also wild boars as highlights worth mentioning. In addition, the tour with the Menhir de Vaccil-Vecchio visible from the route offers historical value. Deviating from the tour description in the Rother Bike-Guide (edition 2010), one has to drive straight ahead on the main path at the turnoff shortly after the Menhir, as a gate is now impassable through a castle. Shortly before the bay, a shady place invites to have a picnic, before one can cool down in the sea and enjoy the fantastic beach.

Book tip

As hiking guides we recommend the Rother hiking guide for Corsica and the guide Corsica with Children (Naturzeit Reiseverlag). The bike tour comes from the Rother Bike Guide for Corsica.

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