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Pediatric Dentistry

Children have to be introduced to a dental practice at a young age. In an anxiety-free and child-friendly environment, the foundations are laid so that they can go to the dentist later without fear. We make sure that the association with the dentist is and remains positive.

Age-appropriate treatments for the smallest patients

In order for children to go to the dentist without fear right from the start, child-friendly communication and an inviting environment are necessary. In addition, the treatment should be absolutely painless so that it does not remain negatively formative in the memory.

The important role of parents in children’s dental visits

Parents play a particularly important role when they visit their dentist with their offspring. The child is usually not burdened with unpleasant experiences on the first visits, but the parents can make a significant contribution to keeping it that way. In case you are afraid of the dentist yourself, should Don’t let your child feel this fear. Perhaps it is even better to choose another companion who can deal with the situation more relaxed.

When should children go to the dentist??

The earlier a child is familiarized with the atmosphere in a dental practice, the better. We recommend that you bring the child to a trial visit early if you have an appointment with us yourself. In this way, the child can familiarize themselves with the environment without fear, without anything "happening" to them. The step to sit on the dentist’s chair yourself is not that big anymore.

You should plan your first visit to the dentist from the age of 2. The more relaxed the first visit to the dentist, the more relaxed the following will be. If possible, the first contact with the dentist should not take place until pain is involved or treatment is required. It is much better if the first visits are only for the control of the teeth.

What do I do if my child has a toothache?

If you have a toothache, you should introduce the child to our dental office as soon as possible. Toothache in children can have very different causes. Perhaps caries has developed or new teeth are growing through, which can also be painful.

You can prepare your child well for a visit to the dental practice by viewing a book together and explaining exactly what happens when you visit the dentist. After the detailed examination, we will find a treatment method that is tailored to your child. Important It is our duty not to leave any traumatic impressions, especially when treating pain.

Prevention in pediatric dentistry

In addition to thorough and regular brushing of the teeth, regular check-ups at the children’s dentist are especially important for caries prevention. As part of the regular inspection appointments, we can start early disorders identify and counteract tooth and jaw development. We would also be happy to provide you with information in our practice on child-friendly oral care and dental hygiene.

With regular visits to the dentist, defects in the teeth and gums can be identified and treated at an early stage. This saves your child time-consuming treatment measures.

Tooth sealing as a prophylactic measure against tooth decay

The milk teeth do not yet have the firm structure and stability of an adult tooth. Small grooves and dimples, in which bacteria settle, are therefore easier to form in the milk teeth. These are difficult to reach with the children’s toothbrush and are therefore often a trigger for caries formation.

As part of a prophylactic treatment, we remove this dental plaque from the grooves and joints of the teeth and clean them thoroughly. We then apply a very thin, sealing plastic that protects the teeth from bacteria. This is a very effective way to prevent tooth decay on the occlusal surfaces.

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