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Do you want to try yourself as a gem collector and play your way from level to level in a gem mine? Then Jewels 2 is the right browser game for you. The popular puzzle game is the sequel to Jewels and offers mystery- and puzzle friends for hours of fun. Click through all the levels and collect as many gems as you can possible on.

game play

The gameplay is as simple as it is ingenious. In increasingly demanding levels, you collect gems and with them points that take you to the next level when you have collected enough stones.

You can collect gems whenever there are three or more stones of the same color next to each other. The more stones you choose, the more bonus points you get. With each level, Jewels 2 becomes a little more difficult – this way, the game remains a challenge even after playing more often. Challenge yourself and test how many gems and points you can collect. Each level has a new level of difficulty for you, so don’t underestimate Jewels 2!

game controls

The control of the game is very simple and is done with the mouse. If you have discovered three or more gemstones of the same type next to each other at a certain point – whether horizontally, vertically or around the corner – just click on this point. The jewels are already disappearing and all the other stones are moving up all around. This means that stones can fall from top to bottom as well as move to the center from the edges. In this way, new combinations arise over time that you can click on and collect.

Fight against time

One thing you should never forget about Jewels 2: New rows of jewels and gems keep coming from below, which means that the entire stack of gems grows upwards. However, if you touch the ceiling with your jewels before you have collected enough points for this level, you will lose this level and the game is over.

Below the field in which you can act, the next row of gems moves forward. But that is exactly your advantage, because you can see which types of jewels will soon appear on the field, and you can plan and click strategically.

Popular with young and old

Jewels 2 inspires numerous gamers of all ages. From schoolchildren to seniors, there are numerous game friends who like to play Jewels 2 regularly. No wonder, because the game is easy and quick to learn – but then offers increasingly difficult levels of fun that last for a long time and for every type of player the fitting Difficulty level ready.

For browsers, iPhone and Android smartphones

You are now enthusiastic about Jewels 2 and want to try the popular browser game right away? Nothing easier than that! You can play Jewels 2 in all popular browsers as well as on your iPhone or Android smartphone. No download or the like is necessary in the browser, with just a few clicks you can start playing right away.

You also want to play your favorite game on the go and play Jewels 2, for example while waiting at the bus stop or on long train journeys? Then simply download the Jewels 2 app from the App Store – and you can already play the popular puzzle game on your smartphone.


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