Promotion of highly gifted children in families and schools

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Family support

Family members also need support

The earlier a talent is recognized, the better it is for the child

Support in kindergarten and school

But educators or teachers are also in demand and should be included in the funding, as they are important caregivers alongside the parents.

You should know about the giftedness and consider how that with the parents Child in the Group or class association can be promoted. It should never feel excluded just because it is more intelligent than others.

Teachers need to know about the giftedness

In school there are often programs for children with learning difficulties, but unfortunately only very rarely for children who can do more and learn faster than the others.

There is bound to be boredom in class. However, if the children switch off first, they lose touch, become a class clown to attract attention or even skip school. They get sick, complain of abdominal pain and no longer want to go to school.

Special educational programs for gifted children

Schools for gifted children

The pediatrician as a partner

Pediatricians are actually a particularly important partner right from the start, so that a highly gifted child is recognized as gifted at all and receives the appropriate support.

To do this, they must be a good contact for the parents, take their concerns and fears regarding the child and any behavioral problems that may arise seriously and propose further procedures and discuss them with the parents.
You should get in touch with the educators / teachers, advise and if necessary educate about talent.

Support and support from therapists / psychologists

Likewise, therapists or psychologists are very important for the right support and support.

Especially when acute serious problems arise, as happened to my son Dennis in between, they are the ones who can help the child with special therapies. Especially when the parents don’t know what to do and act too emotionally.

I have had consistently good experiences with psychologists and psychotherapists. However, you should make sure that they specialize in giftedness, especially for children.

Funding in associations

To highly gifted children Life To make it easier and to show that there are other children who feel the same way, there are now some clubs that are particularly concerned with the gifted.

These include, among others canteen, the German society for the gifted child or even that Gifted. These associations have all specialized in bringing the highly gifted together, showing them perspectives and supporting them.

Many joint events are organized there, lectures are given, discussion groups for exchange or even holidays are planned. But simple game afternoons are also very popular. The children get to know other highly gifted children, can make contacts with like-minded people and realize that they are not alone in the world.

In addition to the associations, there are also foundations like that Karg Foundation, who also deals very intensively with the topic of giftedness and e.g. promotes gifted students with scholarships. But there are also counseling centers explicitly on the subject of talent, especially in larger cities, where you can inquire.


Overall you can say, that there are now many funding opportunities for highly gifted children. However, parents are always the first priority. They have to make contacts and find out what is best for their child. Ultimately, it is they who have the right development of their children in their hands.


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