Prophylaxis center

Prophylaxis center

Prophylaxis Center

Dentist Hondralis in Ludwigshafen


Welcome to our dental care center

An irresistible smile is attractive, gives charisma and brings success – professionally and privately. In our prophylaxis center we offer you high-quality and modern dental prophylaxis based on the latest findings. Thanks to the constant participation of our team in further training and the medical support of the Center for Modern Dentistry Dr. Hondralis + Partner guarantees you a uniformly high standard in dental prophylaxis.

The comfort treatment for only EUR 80 includes

  • Control and tips for proper dental care
  • thorough tartar removal with ultrasound
  • Plaque removal with air flow
  • Removal of superficial stains
  • Polish the teeth for a noticeably smoother surface
  • Fluoride gel application
  • Cleaning the interdental spaces with dental floss and interdental brush
  • The cleaning of crowns, implants, pontics and tongue
  • Application of a protective lacquer

The premium treatment for only EUR 120 includes

  • The complete comfort program
  • Determination of the prophylactic status
  • Subginyval cleaning with hand instruments
  • Medicinal treatment of the gingiva

Adult prophylaxis

Adult prophylaxis

Maintain your teeth for a lifetime through efficient dental prophylaxis.

Not all dental plaque can be removed with the help of dental floss and toothbrush. Especially those who wear high-quality dentures (implant restoration / fixed dentures) should treat themselves to regular tooth cleaning so that you can enjoy the investment for a long time. This is where professional tooth cleaning comes into play.

Professional tooth cleaning (PZR): The bacterial coating on tooth surfaces and in the gum pockets is the main cause of the diseases of your teeth and gums (caries and periodontitis). Professional tooth cleaning sustainably supports dental health. Regular meetings every 3 to 6 months significantly reduce the risk of these diseases (this has been proven several times in international research studies). The PZR includes the following services:

  • Assessment of the current state of health of your teeth and gums
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Plaque removal with Air-Flow
  • Polish the tooth surfaces
  • Cleaning the interdental spaces
  • Demonstration and instruction of the individually coordinated tooth brushing technique and other aids like dental floss, interdental brushes, etc.
  • Fluoridation – The enamel is strengthened with a special varnish and hypersensitivity of the teeth is reduced (“hot / cold effect”)

The costs of the treatments are partly covered by private health insurance companies.

Children prophylaxis

Children prophylaxis

Regular individual prophylaxis in children and adolescents helps to maintain beautiful and healthy teeth and prevents complex interventions, since the risk of caries is greatly reduced.

Professional tooth cleaning and prophylaxis is essential, especially for those who wear braces, which are loopholes for a large number of bacteria and food residues, because they have an increased risk of caries.

Individual prophylaxis greatly increases the likelihood that the teeth will be caries-free after completing orthodontic treatment.

At the age of 6-18 years, your children have twice a year

Right to free prophylaxis:

  • individual advice
  • intense motivation
  • nutrition counseling
  • Tips for proper dental care
  • Staining of the deposits on the teeth
  • joint cleaning of the teeth
  • professional tooth cleaning
  • Fissure seals (fissures are the deep dimples on the occlusal surfaces of the molars)
  • Fluoridation with special varnish for resistant teeth

Your children will thank you later.

Prevention in pregnancy:

Prevention in pregnancy:

Prophylactic measures for the mother should be used even during pregnancy, because periodontitis germs can influence the course of pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy-related paradontosis can occur, which can be prevented by prophylactic measures.

In addition, the mother often infects her child with these germs, for example when kissing the child or by licking the spoon while feeding.

Professional teeth cleaning reduces germs in the mother’s mouth and has been proven to reduce the number of caries bacteria.

tooth whitening

tooth whitening

Shining teeth are a figurehead for success and health these days. You can also have bright white teeth because nowadays the medicine is so far that with a few simple operations you can have white teeth again. We offer you various options in our practice.

tooth jewelry

tooth jewelry

After tattooing, piercing and branding. is the tooth now "in fashion" came! Why shouldn’t you display the tooth too??

With our Brillies you are very trendy!

This tooth distortion leaves no damage to the tooth and is easily applied to the tooth surface without drilling with a special adhesive.

Once you have lost interest in the Brillie, we can easily remove it without leaving any traces.

You can get the glasses from us in the colors:

  • White / Diamond
  • White / Rainbow
  • Blue / Light Blue
  • Aquamarine
  • Green / Light Green
  • Champagne
  • red
  • pink

Dentist Dr. Hondralis & Partner Ludwigshafen

Dr. Hondralis & partner

Since 1986 Dr. Hondralis a modern dentistry. Treatments can be carried out in a specialized manner in all areas of dentistry with a large number of specialized doctors.

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