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Professional teeth cleaning Stuttgart city center

What is professional teeth cleaning?

The term professional tooth cleaning (PZR) stands for very intensive dental care. It is carried out in-house by a dental specialist with specialized training as a dental prophylactic assistant and is often referred to as dental prophylaxis. The PZR consists of several treatment steps. There are several reasons why professional teeth cleaning is so important.

The advantages of a PZR

Not only tooth decay and periodontitis can be prevented through clean teeth and perfect oral hygiene. Well-groomed teeth are also beneficial for the entire human organism. As part of home dental care, an average of only 70 percent of all areas can be reached. In the remaining 30 percent, plaque, tartar and bacteria also form. These in turn lead to chronic inflammation of the gums and tooth decay. As a result, the gums retreat more and more and bone loss begins. This leads to teeth shaking and subsequent tooth loss. Professional tooth cleaning counteracts many of the listed consequences of poor oral hygiene and reliably prevents the formation of new dental plaque. It is not only the gums that benefit from professional treatment.

  • the teeth become lighter
  • oral hygiene improves significantly
  • lowers the risk of tooth decay by up to 70 percent
  • the immune system is strengthened

Many tooth surfaces cannot be reached with the toothbrush.

This is how professional tooth cleaning works

The PZR is carried out by a specially trained specialist. As part of the treatment, the otherwise inaccessible areas are reliably cleaned and all stubborn deposits are removed. Even the tongue is cleaned and bacteria-free. The teeth are then polished and fluoridated. This means that new bacteria can not accumulate so quickly on the spots. In addition, discoloration is removed during polishing. These are formed, among other things, by enjoying coffee or cigarettes.

How long does the cleaning take??

A professional tooth cleaning in the AllDent Dental Center Stuttgart takes around 60 minutes from the preliminary consultation to the follow-up consultation.

How often should a PZR be performed??

How often professional teeth cleaning needs to be done depends on a few important factors. Patients with healthy teeth and gums should have the PZR done twice a year. If there is a periodontitis or there are other diseases, then professional teeth cleaning should be repeated every 8 to 12 weeks. After the first treatment, the patient experiences his individual rhythm.

What to look out for?

It definitely matters where and by whom professional teeth cleaning is carried out. Although the treatment is also offered by cosmetic studios, the results are not always entirely satisfactory. This important treatment should therefore be carried out by experienced specialists. Only trained dental prophylaxis assistants have the necessary special training and specialist knowledge.

Professional teeth cleaning causes pain?

A PZR is basically not dental treatment. That is why neither teeth nor gums are injured during tooth cleaning. Because of this, patients do not have to worry about pain. Anesthesia is also not necessary for professional tooth cleaning. In some cases, patients feel a slight scratching or tickling during treatment.

PZR in the AllDent Dental Center Stuttgart – procedure and costs

In the AllDent Dental Center in the state capital Stuttgart, professional tooth cleaning is carried out according to a fixed schedule. This is based exactly on the scientific recommendations. The well-known Stiftung Warentest also recommends this professional process. Before the treatment, all individual questions are clarified and the patient benefits from personal oral hygiene advice. So that the professional tooth cleaning can be carried out professionally, the actual state is first determined. For this purpose, various tooth surfaces are photographed and measurements are taken. After a mouthwash with a special fluid, the specialist removes the entire tartar using special equipment. At the request of the patient or if urgently necessary from the specialist’s point of view, cleaning with Airflow (cleaning the tooth surface with small plastic balls) is used. After tartar removal, the teeth are given a polish that can be done in up to three different stages. After cleaning the interdental spaces, the tongue is also cleared of plaque and the teeth are sealed with a fluoride varnish.

After the professional tooth cleaning and the check by a dentist, there is a follow-up consultation. The patient receives individual recommendations and important hygiene tips. An interval for the next PZR is defined together. The costs for the PRZ depend on the existing level of insurance and the individual effort. Private health insurance covers the costs of the PZR. Due to the importance, more and more statutory health insurance companies subsidize professional teeth cleaning.

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