Inexpensive dentures
Dr. Bernd – dentist Kassel

Dentures – inexpensive and high quality – I offer you this in my dental practice in Guxhagen near Kassel. Because I think beautiful teeth should be affordable for every patient. And high quality dentures don’t have to be expensive!

Save on dentures – with dentures from abroad

With dentures from abroad, 30-95% price savings can be achieved. The quality of the dentures is our top priority. That is why we work with selected partners who manufacture your inexpensive dentures in the most modern master laboratories abroad.

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Are you looking for cheap dentures? Going abroad is not the only option: everyone who wants to continue to rely on quality “made in Germany” is in the right place!

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Inexpensive dentures - dentist, treatment, costs, expert consultation

Inexpensive dentures

The dentist Dr. Magunski from Düsseldorf answers questions from patients during this expert consultation.

Special: Inexpensive dentures

You can find dentists specializing in cheap dentures on our partner portal, dentist search.

I used to have ads more often "Free dentures" read. Does that work at all??

Dentures without additional payment from the patient are possible in principle, but only in exceptional cases.

It is the so-called "standard care" of the statutory health insurance companies. This usually means an uncovered non-precious metal (non-precious metal) crown for the posterior region, which you can receive without additional payment if you have kept your bonus booklet regularly for ten years.

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Inexpensive dental implants, expert consultation

Cheap dental implants

The dentist Dr. Alexander Herdt from Lörrach answers questions from patients during this expert consultation.

I need a completely new lower jaw prosthesis. I have already obtained some opinions as well as medical and cost plans. However, the costs vary between € 2000 and € 7500. How does this difference come about??

There are various possible solutions for the type of your treatment, which also explains the enormous price difference. For example, you can save money when you continue to use your old prosthesis based on locators or when you use pre-fabricated dental implants. Another option is the individual choice of dental implants, however, the amount of dental implants required and the manufacturer are decisive for the cost.

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Inexpensive vacation with children

The best family vacation deals

The money in the family fund is not enough for the next vacation with children? Instead of giving up hope, it is best to start saving early enough and to think about your next or first children’s vacation. Because nothing is nicer than escaping everyday life when you and the children are on vacation. FOR FAMILY REISEN offers you various high-quality, but also affordable family vacation offers for your vacation with children.

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Welcome to the family travel magazine of the tour operator For Family Reisen, your specialist for adventure travel with children worldwide.

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Rubber pants: practical and inexpensive

For a few decades, rubber pants were considered frowned upon and, if at all, were only used in nursing homes. Fortunately, that has changed. Today people are going back to the practical protective pants and are putting on the rubber panties during pregnancy incontinence or incontinence.

What is the rubber pants?

The rubber pants take their name from a time when the garment was actually still made of rubber. Today, however, modern rubber panties are known as incontinence materials and are made from latex, PVC or PE-coated materials.

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Professional teeth cleaning Stuttgart city center

What is professional teeth cleaning?

The term professional tooth cleaning (PZR) stands for very intensive dental care. It is carried out in-house by a dental specialist with specialized training as a dental prophylactic assistant and is often referred to as dental prophylaxis. The PZR consists of several treatment steps. There are several reasons why professional teeth cleaning is so important.

The advantages of a PZR

Not only tooth decay and periodontitis can be prevented through clean teeth and perfect oral hygiene. Well-groomed teeth are also beneficial for the entire human organism. As part of home dental care, an average of only 70 percent of all areas can be reached. In the remaining 30 percent, plaque, tartar and bacteria also form. These in turn lead to chronic inflammation of the gums and tooth decay. As a result, the gums retreat more and more and bone loss begins. This leads to teeth shaking and subsequent tooth loss. Professional tooth cleaning counteracts many of the listed consequences of poor oral hygiene and reliably prevents the formation of new dental plaque. It is not only the gums that benefit from professional treatment.

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Five inexpensive activities that make toddlers fun

Five inexpensive activities that toddlers will enjoy

It doesn’t take much to inspire a child. In fact, it’s often the “little things", that play the greatest role in childhood memories: the mother stops at the side of the road so that the child can climb a tree, you can hop on a hotel bed, you splash wildly through puddles in the rain. And the best thing about it? Many of these amusements are inexpensive or even free.

With this in mind, here are a number of simple, inexpensive activities that will be remembered and that are sure to be a highlight in your child’s day – and yours!

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