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The 7 best knowledge games at a glance.

Quiz games are not only fun, they also keep your brain cells fresh. At first there are differences the value of the parts included in the scope of delivery and the level of difficulty. If you want to play the games with your children or give them away to them, you should definitely take into account the age recommendation of the manufacturers.

The products available also vary in the duration of the game. This fluctuates between 20 and 60 minutes. Particularly compact games are also suitable for on the go. Find the right quiz game in our test or comparison table and take on the challenge.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

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Quiz game comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model Mattel "Bezzerwizzer" Hasbro "Cranium Dark" huch & Friends "Fauna – the animal game of knowledge" Hasbro "Taboo XXL" Megableu "Really now?" Ravensburger "Quiz Duel – The Board Game" Noris games "Children’s quiz 4+"
on Amazon
182 reviews 15 ratings 42 reviews 521 reviews 206 Ratings 161 ratings 155 reviews
(easy to difficult
Age Group from 16 years from 16 years from 12 years from 12 years from 8 years from 12 years from 4 years
number of players 2-4 minute 4 2 – 6 minute 4 2 – 5 2 – 6 1 – 6
Playable with teams
gameplay Who or which team circles the board first wins. But before that, players have to ask themselves some of the 5,000 questions from 20 different categories. Contains the 400 best cranium quests. The game is played in four categories: spelling, humming, drawing, kneading and answering. Who knows about 360 animal species from different continents? Nobody? No problem. Points are also awarded to those who are just off the mark. Two teams compete against each other. Whoever can best rewrite wins. Four different game variants are new, one of them has to be drawn. More than 1,000 crazy questions from the electronic game master have to be answered. Who is on the ball and knows whether the statement is true or false? Whoever has the most points after six rounds wins. But first, questions from 1,500 original questions have to be answered. The winner is who first correctly answered 10 questions out of a total of 3,300 quiz questions. Four selection answers serve as help.
playing time approx. 30 – 60 minutes about 45 minutes about 60 minutes about 60 minutes about 20 minutes about 30 minutes about 20 minutes
learning objective knowledge building Logical thinking, creativity knowledge building Logical thinking Knowledge building, speed knowledge building Playful knowledge building
Suitable as a travel game Here means whether the game is compact enough to be easily transported.
Small parts that can be swallowed
Assembly necessary
Batteries required
material Plastic, cardboard Plastic, cardboard, plasticine Plastic, cardboard Plastic, cardboard plastic Plastic, cardboard Wood, cardboard
  • particularly varied questions
  • including tactical elements such as exchange jokers
  • entertaining team game
  • diverse tasks
  • with numerous questions
  • Plasticine durable; not dried even after four months
  • easy to learn game; understandable instructions
  • Fun for the whole family
  • light and heavy game board world map
  • different game variants increase the fun
  • entertaining team game
  • Terms are mimicked with a plush figure
  • immediately playable, very simple rules
  • Fun for the whole family
  • no sharp edges
  • immediately playable, very simple rules
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Questions with different levels of difficulty (good for children)
  • good mix of easy and difficult questions
  • also available as a children’s quiz 6+
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Mattel "Bezzerwizzer" Questions and answers about Hasbro "Cranium dark" Questions and answers on Huch & Friends "Fauna – the animal game of knowledge" Questions and answers about Hasbro "Taboo XXL" Questions and answers about Megableu "Really now?" Questions and answers about Ravensburger "Quiz duel – the board game" Questions and answers about Noris games "Children’s quiz 4+"
to offer To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • approx. 49 € To the offer »
  • approx. 30 € to the offer »
  • approx. 40 € to the offer »
  • approx. 48 € to the offer »
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  • approx. 36 € To the offer »
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  • Knowledge and quiz games are classic question-answer games as well as brain teasers. On the other hand, quiz games are understood as guessing games in which e.g. Terms have to be described, spelled, drawn or summed and then guessed.
  • The advantage of quiz games that are played in company (friends, family) is the common pastime with a high fun factor. At the same time, the memory is trained, general knowledge is improved and logical thinking is promoted.
  • Since there are both quiz games for adults and knowledge games for children, age is one of the key purchase criteria. The number of players should also be taken into account when purchasing a guessing game.

Quiz programs and quiz shows are popular – in 2016 alone, according to the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD), there were around 14.37 million people in Germany (14 years and older) who said quiz programs like "Who will be a millionaire?" very much like to watch on TV.

Knowledge games are not limited to guessing shows on TV. Quiz games are also available on the radio, as a computer game, as a guessing game for the app or as a classic board game for friends or families.

We have that for you Quiz game comparison 2019/2020 made and tell you which guessing games (as a board game) are particularly popular and why you when buying especially take into account the age information should.

1. So simple – the principle of the quiz game

The quiz as a performance game

In Germany, the idea of ​​playing a quiz exclusively as a performance game is relatively young.

Only since 2011 has the German Quiz Association been able to run quizzes as a real sport.

The club not only hosts the Quiz World Cup, but also many regional and national tournaments.

You know it, but let’s be brief: a quiz is a question or guessing game in which you Answer questions of knowledge correctly, in order to win.

But are possible as well as brain teasers such as puzzle games or brain teasers that also fall under the term quiz, play no role in our quiz game comparison.

While advice broadcasts on television or radio or at national quiz tournaments are often about a (cash) prize, the quiz games, which are played as a board game with family and friends, have a different purpose.

Knowledge games for children are often aimed at certain age groups. Here is the quiz of "What is What" from 8 years.

in the The main focus here is on the common pastime with the highest possible fun factor. In addition, playing guessing games has the advantage that as positive side effect either memory is trained and general knowledge is promoted.

Also important: Quiz games no longer follow the classic question-answer principle. Knowledge or guessing games of today are varied design and also particularly varied. So sometimes terms have to be circumscribed, drawn, spelled and then guessed. Therefore, such games also support logical thinking.

Basically there are quizzes that have not yet been tested in a quiz game test by the Stiftung Warentest.

Many different age groups accordingly, if you buy quiz games, you will find games for children and adults.

The advantages and disadvantages of quiz games briefly summarized for you:

  • Pastime with a high fun factor
  • trains memory, increases general knowledge and logical thinking
  • large selection; for children and adults
  • Depending on the level of difficulty, it can be frustrating (e.g. too difficult)

2. Solo or team player: what type of quiz are you?

Whether in company or as a solo player, there are quizzes for every player type. Guessing games for one player are often free online quiz games. Knowledge and guessing games, however, are played as a board game with several people. The following table presents both quiz types in more detail:

category description
Quiz game as a board game

  • fun pastime with a high fun factor
  • train memory, increase general knowledge and logical thinking
  • large selection of games; for different age groups
  • are played with friends and family, rarely suitable for solo players
  • mostly as a board game including quizzes, figures and dice
PC / online quiz game
  • Quiz games online are mostly free (website or app)
  • train memory, increase general knowledge and logical thinking
  • large selection of games; for different age groups
  • are often played alone or within an internet community

3. Did you know that the purchase advice follows now?

3.1. Age restricted

Which pictures fit together? Knowledge games for children from the age of 4 are characterized by simple rules. In addition, they often work with images that have to be assigned to each other instead of answering questions.

A quiz game comparison winner should be one above all: age-appropriate.

Especially in knowledge games for children, the rules of the game should, but above all the questions, be light or heavy depending on the age of the children.

Are the If questions are too difficult, children quickly lose their desire and are frustrated – if the questions are too easy, the same thing happens.

Basically everyone should have the same chance to emerge as a winner.

Quiz games for different age groups – an overview:

Singapore, where is that? If you want to win the guessing game, you should know your way around the world.

Popular games from 4 years:

  • Noris Games – Children’s Electric
  • Noris games – children’s quiz from 4 years

Popular games from 6 years:

  • Jumbo – Game of Knowledge "Planet Germany"
  • Noris games – children’s quiz from 6 years
  • Clementoni – Galileo K >

Small parts that can be swallowed: If knowledge and quiz games have parts that can be swallowed, they should only be played under adult supervision. This is especially true for quizzes that are played by very young children (4 years and older) or when smaller siblings are sitting at the table.

Not a classic question and answer game: The classic game “Tabu” is played in team mode. Whoever guesses the most terms wins.

Popular games from 8 years:

  • Hasbro – Trivial Pursuit family edition
  • Hasbro – Taboo Junior
  • Schmidt Spiele – stand, country, river

Popular games from 10-12 years:

  • Kosmos – Die Welt – Singapore, where is that??
  • Kosmos – Eye Know
  • Ravensburger – The quiz duel

Popular games from 16 years:

  • Hasbro – Trivial Pursuit
  • Hasbro – Cranium
  • Hasbro – taboo

If you had known? Knowledge and quiz games were increasingly launched in the course of the PISA discussion (Source: wikipedia.de).

3.2. Every player counts

Wildlife adventure: Using detailed profiles and quiz questions, children from 6 years of age get to know the local forest and wild animals.

Of course, the best quiz games are only fun if everyone can play along.

Therefore, pay attention to this when buying a question game, whether enough players can participate.

A quiz game for 2 players will hardly be enough for a game evening with a group of 4-6 people.

Another interesting purchase criterion: is the quiz game also playable with teams? Team games, especially at parties or on a cozy evening with friends, often provide the necessary fun factor.

3.3. Set focus

In every quiz game test you will find that question-answer games often cover a huge range of knowledge topics (e.g. nature, culture, wildlife, politics etc.). So every player has a fair chance to shine in one of his areas of knowledge.

Nevertheless, you will find the best quiz game also games with a thematic focus Find. Such question games are often educational games for children.

Tip: A quiz game comparison winner should contain at least 1,500 to 2,000 questions so that the appeal of the game is not lost so quickly.

4. Any questions?

4.1. Which brands and manufacturers are ahead

Whether you are looking for knowledge games for children or quiz games for adults – you will always face a large selection of brands and manufacturers. You will find a large selection of different quizzes for children at Noris Games, for example. Question-and-answer games for adults, on the other hand, are often from Hasbro.

Other well-known manufacturers, not only of quiz games, but also of puzzle games, skill games, card games and strategy games, are:

  • Mattel
  • Ravensburger
  • Hasbro
  • Noris games
  • jewelry >

The expansion pack contains 2,000 new questions.

If you are looking for particularly cheap quiz games, you will find them on the Internet. There you can play many quiz games for free. Guessing games from the app store are just as cheap – guessing games are usually available there for less than € 5.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in quiz games that are played in company (family, friends), then you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Cost on average Knowledge games for adults between 20 and 40 €. Quiz Games for children, on the other hand, you can start from around € 10 receive.

4.3. Which quiz games are suitable for groups?

Guessing games for groups or teams have the advantage that a large number of people can participate. Such games are not classic question-and-answer games, but they are still recommended. One of the absolute classics at game evenings is taboo, which can be played with up to 12 players. Games like Activity or Cranium are just as popular.

4.4. There are expansion packages for quizzes?

Yes. Especially for classic question-answer games, you will often get expansion packs with additional questions. These include, for example, new card sets for trivial pursuit or Bezzerwizzer.

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