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Sunglasses comparison 2020

The 8 best sunglasses (men and women) at a glance.

Whether on the beach, in a café or while mountaineering, sunglasses are your loyal companion in all situations. The accessory combines aesthetics and comfort with various protective functions. There are differences among other things in the material. High-quality sunglasses consist of a metal or plastic frame with robust plastic lenses.

Particularly practical: If your sunglasses have a so-called polarization filter, this makes it possible a clear view even with wet glasses. The reflections of the sun’s rays from water drops are intercepted by the filter. Find the best model in our test or comparison table and enjoy the sun.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model Uvex Sportstyle 211 Persol PO0714 24/31 Ray Ban Clubmaster Ray Ban Erika Burgmeister SBM104-351 Miami Dice ladies sunglasses white Fine twine vintage Subke nickel sunglasses
on Amazon
34 reviews 7 reviews 117 reviews 153 ratings 2 reviews 67 reviews 171 reviews 92 reviews
size One size 52 – 54 mm 51 mm 54 mm 60 mm One size 55 – 60 mm One size
Different colors
style sports glasses Retro Retro Retro Retro Glamor Retro rimmed glasses
frame material plastic plastic Metal, plastic Metal, plastic plastic plastic plastic metal
Lens material plastic plastic Glass plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic
Polarization filter A polarization filter intercepts sun rays reflected by moisture and enables a sharper view through the glasses.
brand glasses
  • nose pads
  • very good protection on the sides
  • comfortable strap
  • very good (UV400) protection
  • well-protecting designer model
  • stable processing despite delicate shape
  • light weight
  • stable processing despite delicate shape
  • Sharpness filter for clear visibility
  • Rubber protection for the bridge of the nose
  • very good (UV400) protection
  • light weight
  • stable processing despite delicate shape
  • very good (UV400) protection
  • many accessories included.
  • very good (UV400) protection
  • good protection on the sides
  • shatterproof plastic glasses
  • comes with a microfiber bag
  • stable processing despite delicate shape
  • spring hinges
  • Rubber protection for the bridge of the nose
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  • Provide protection from very bright daylight and intense sunlight – that’s why women, men and children all know sunglasses. Polarized glasses also help to defuse blinding light reflected by water and to better recognize contours – e.g. in or at the pool.
  • For several decades, sunglasses for men and women have also been a practical option without making a fashionable impression on the public.
  • For people with above-average sensitivity to light or with a visual impairment, sunglasses are a useful companion in everyday life to offer the eyes the necessary protection.

Sunglasses look so stylish nowadays that one could easily forget during a summer walk on the beach, in the park or in the streets of the big cities that this accessory, which enhances every look, is actually protective glasses with a very useful function – combine Oakley glasses for example Good. Regardless of whether the sunglasses are worn by women or men (or dogs) – sunglasses should protect our eyes from UV radiation. In our 2019/2020 sunglasses comparison, we show you whether you have to forego trends like Wayfarer or Ray Ban Aviator, if you are primarily concerned with sun protection, whether you can wear your sunglasses at night and what you should pay attention to in general.

1. What is sunglasses?

Sunglasses are glasses that, thanks to their tinted glasses, protect your eyes from bright daylight and sunlight as well as harmful UV radiation. This way, while you are out in the fresh air, you can see everything well without having to blink your eyes and, above all, without long-term retinal damage.
For many people, it’s also important that sunglasses follow trends. Popular models are Ray Ban glasses, especially the Ray Ban Aviator glasses. Many see in the tinted glasses and a corresponding fashionable frame an expression of their personal fashion taste. Our sunglasses comparison shows that a pure fashion orientation is not always advisable, in which we also show you the various sunglasses design categories, which of course include not only Ray-Ban models.

2. What types of sunglasses are there??

There are numerous types of sunglasses, e.g. the Ray Ban Aviator or the Wayfarer glasses and it seems to get more and more over time. We present the most important sunglasses trends and types here in our overview. The order is deliberately chosen and indicates the level of protection from top to bottom – measured by the shape or size of the lens. So if you want your sunglasses to have large lenses, take a look at the lower part of the table.

Sunglasses Type characteristics
rimmed glasses
The nickel glasses are inevitably reminiscent of the wild 1970s and the carefree hippie existence. As stylish as it may look, this type of glasses offers the least sun protection of all when the sun shows its best side in summer or even in tropical regions. The reasons: The temples are very narrow and do not keep out the sun from the side. The glasses are small and their shape is not adapted to the eye area. If you have sensitive eyes, choose one of the following models.
Aviator glasses, also called aviator glasses, are based on the prototype of aviator glasses that the Ray-Ban brand developed in the 1930s (Ray Ban glasses have been around for so long!) To enable pilots to fly painlessly high up in the clouds. The frame is made of metal, the lenses are relatively unbent and rounded, with the glasses becoming narrower inwards and upwards.
Wayfarer The Wayfarer glasses are now available from many brands. It was originally designed like Ray-Ban sunglasses. In the meantime, however, they are available from various cheap sunglasses brands, i.e. no-name manufacturers, but also from designers. The tinted glasses are encased in a plastic frame and have much wider temples than aviator glasses. The Wayfarer is by no means as adapted to the shape of the head as a pair of sports glasses, but offers more protection from side radiation than the pilot glasses.
Sunglasses big
Large sunglasses are particularly popular with fashion-conscious women. Glasses are often rounded on the outside and thus also offer optimal protection against the side rays of the sun. Depending on the brand, the sunglasses women can sit on the nose quite difficult. Sports activities are not really suitable.
sports glasses
Sports glasses brands like Uvex or Nike do everything they can to offer you sunglasses that adapt perfectly to your face shape and keep the sun’s rays as far as possible from your eyes. To avoid injury from cuts, plastic glasses and frames are used. Depending on the environment, e.g. Bicycle tours in the forest, colored glasses are also very suitable to better emphasize contours – orange is very suitable for this and is used, among other things. offered by Oakley.
Choosing the right sunglasses: When buying sunglasses, keep the appropriate frame in mind. Models that correspond to sunglasses trends are not necessarily suitable for holidays in regions with extreme sun exposure.

3. Purchase criteria for sunglasses: This is important to consider

Save yourself a laborious sunglasses test: See our purchase advice below with the criteria that are among the most important in the search for the best sunglasses. They apply to both sunglasses for women and sunglasses for men and children.

3.1. filter category

Filter categories for sunglasses

Filter categories 0 to 4 indicate the degree of tint of sunglasses. It is at least 20 percent. The maximum is reached in category 4 with 97 percent tint.

As for Ray Ban sunglasses for women and men, for everyone else there are five different filter categories that let less and less light through from category 0 to category 4.

Category 0 only retains 20 percent of the light. Such glasses are therefore not suitable for very bright or sunny days, but rather as an accessory, e.g. on partys.

Category 1 has tint intensities between 20 and 57 percent and is something for cloudy days.

Category 2 protects with a tint of between 57 and 82 percent in Central European summer weather.

If you go to the south or to the sea, you should at least close Category 3 grab, which in the best case shows a tint of 92 percent.

For trips into the high mountains are sunglasses with filters Category 4 advisable. They dim up to 97 percent of the light. If you are exposed to strong sunlight, it is also extremely advisable to wear a sun hat or other headgear. Sun hats of all kinds are suitable for this, so that something suitable can be found for every taste and style.

Glasses off in traffic: Category 4 is not suitable for driving. The strongly tinted glasses of this filter category are so dark that you can no longer see everything you need on the street.

3.2. Side protection

The more intense the light and the sun’s rays, the more important it is to be adequately protected in the corner of the eye. Before buying glasses, the best thing to do is ask yourself where and when to use them. For short phases of glasses, for example in the city, fashionable models are also suitable, which have only thin temples and small glasses that do not match the shape of the head. When it comes to the mountains or the sea, large sunglasses or sports glasses are highly recommended. On long car journeys where the sun is constantly shining from the side, in addition to sunglasses, car sun protection can be a sensible investment.

3.3. Fits the glasses?

Who does not know it? The bridge of the nose turns red, pain appears behind the ears. If this is the case, the sunglasses usually do not fit perfectly. Even if it says Ray-Ban on your sunglasses, this may be the case. Often you can see "malfunctions" the first time you try them on. So listen to your body and send the glasses back again when you buy your sunglasses online. In the end you have more of it, even if the effort is initially greater. Those who are generally very sensitive to normal temples can e.g. subject the Aviator Ray Ban to a sunglasses test. The temples are made of metal and are very thin and light.

Tip: Pay particular attention to the temple pieces. If these are loose or can be moved vertically, it is better to use different sunglasses.

4. Care and cleaning tips

Caring for sunglasses? In the case when not in use.

Sometimes you can’t really see how quickly sunglasses in a supposedly protective bag are affected by an object like a water bottle that is still full. Sunglasses are not that difficult to care for: just put your glasses in a case. This is how you protect them from external influences. In order to be able to clean the sunglasses at any time, it is advisable to simply put a cleaning cloth in the case mentioned.

You should pay attention to this when wearing sunglasses

  • After each use, put your sunglasses in a case for protection to avoid scratches and damage to the temples.
  • Clean the glasses regularly so that there is no permanent residue between the glasses and the frame.
  • If there are scratches on the glasses, replace the glasses better, as the UV protection can otherwise be restricted.

5. Sunglasses at the Stiftung Warentest

In 2005 the Stiftung Warentest examined sunglasses and tested the optical quality, the design of the glasses as well as the labeling and instructions for use. In that sunglasses test there was not only one sunglasses comparison winner, but even four comparison winners or models, which also ended very well with a grade of 1.7. Obtaining sunglasses cheaply isn’t always a good idea. So a model by H&M poor. The best sunglasses for men and women came from the manufacturers DKNY, Persol and Ray-Ban and were in the price segment beyond the 100 euro mark.

Ten years later: In 2015, the Stiftung Warentest did not directly examine a selection of sunglasses, but once again shows the most important aspects that are worth paying attention to. The general judgment for sunglasses that are available in Germany was encouraging: Most brands and models approved here have the CE mark, which indicates that UV protection is available. If you want to play it safe, pay attention to the UV400 protection symbol. The associated UV protection is e.g. minimum standard in Australia and New Zealand.

6. Questions and answers about sunglasses

Many interesting questions are asked online about sunglasses for men and women. We have compiled the most important ones for you here.

6.1. Which sunglasses fits best for me?

As with many areas of life, this also applies if you want to find out which sunglasses fit, and exactly to your face. There are recommendations, but ultimately everyone has an individual face and tries out a pair of glasses on themselves. If you do not feel like ordering numerous glasses at once, choose the one that suits you best. After all, in addition to protecting against UV radiation, wearing sunglasses is also about finding a model that you simply like. In the following video there are tips on which shape of glasses suits which face shape.

6.2. There are trends, which sunglasses men and which sunglasses women should wear?

As you can see in our sunglasses comparison, there are style categories that you would immediately assign as sunglasses to women, and the same applies to men’s sunglasses. However, there are many manufacturers who offer unisex models in their collections that can be worn by both sexes. This includes pilot glasses, e.g. the Ray Ban sunglasses "Aviator", which are available in numerous colors, and the Wayfarer glasses, also available in different colors.

6.3. When to wear sunglasses?

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection has given information that may seem quite strict, but most of the health recommendations have it. According to a speaker at this office, you should always wear sunglasses when the sun is shining – regardless of which month is currently displayed on the calendar. Just as important: pay special attention to UV protection for dark glasses, otherwise the retina will be severely damaged, since behind dark glasses the eyes are particularly susceptible to the sun’s rays.

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