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Inlays / crowns

Inlays and crowns in Frankfurt.

The ideal supply for a hole in the tooth is in most cases a so-called inlay or overlay (so-called filler filling)..

It is the high quality alternative to tooth filling. The preparation of an inlay is useful when the tooth is to be supplied for a long time.

While dental fillings need to be renewed at regular intervals, inlays, if well-cleaned and regularly controlled, often last a lifetime. Learn more about professional teeth cleaning.

Inlays / Crowns with Cerec 3D in Frankfurt

Cerec is one of the newest processes for the production of crowns, inlays and bridges.

Metal-free, made of pure ceramic

In the Cerec procedure, the tooth to be treated is photographed by the dentist using a scanner. An impression with impression material is in most cases no longer necessary.

For the tooth, the best care is then calculated on the computer screen and customized by the dentist. Subsequently, the restoration (Cerec crown, Cerec inlay) is precisely ground out of a ceramic block. Due to the computer reconstruction, the Cerec crown or the Cerec inlay fits exactly to the tooth.

Artisanal errors by otherwise numerous human intermediate steps are largely excluded.

What is a dental crown?

Tooth crown is the part of the tooth that belongs to the upper half of the tooth. The crown sticks out of the gum. As long as the crown is healthy and healthy, we enjoy a radiant smile. However, the destruction of the tooth by caries, an accident or other event may require the application of an artificial crown. This is especially the case when a filling of the tooth, the supply of an inlay, veneer or the like is no longer possible.

A dental crown in Frankfurt: restoration of the tooth by a crown

A dental crown is an artificially shaped cap. This is modeled on the shape of the tooth by means of a dental impression. The crown is placed over the entire upper part of the tooth and glued to the ground tooth with an adhesive. The artificial tooth crown improves the appearance and aesthetics of the teeth. The function of the tooth is obtained by this form of dental treatment. But not only good looks of the teeth can be achieved through the work of the dentist. The crowning of a tooth preserves the tooth from decay by destruction by tooth decay. If a tooth is already badly damaged, the crown can help restore the wall thickness. The size of the tooth, the shape and the color are retained thanks to the man-made crown for a long period of time.

Good dentures get the teeth

The natural tooth crown is covered with enamel and protrudes into the oral cavity. Enamel is one of the hardest body’s substances. In a healthy tooth, enamel is used to effortlessly bite hard foods and protect the tooth from external aggressions by acids or bacteria. The portion of the tooth that is invisible to most people, anchored in the jaw, is called the tooth root. The border between the two forms the neck of the tooth. The older a person becomes, the longer the cervixes become. This is because the jawbone decays somewhat in old age and the tooth necks are thereby exposed. The term crown derives from the shape of the natural tooth crown, which resembles the crown of kings and emperors because of its bumps and spikes. An artificial crown takes over the protection of the tooth, if the tooth substance was destroyed too far. The artificial tooth crown is a kind of fixed dentures.

To this belong above all these crown types:

Dentures in the form of an artificial tooth crown

A tooth can be overdriven if the tooth nerves are healthy or treated. Also, the tooth bed, which is often referred to as Zahnhalteapparat, must be healthy. The artificial crown forms the sheath of the tooth. It does not differ in its shape from that of a natural tooth crown. It becomes a part of the dentition after treatment as it is firmly attached to the tooth. Before the artificial dental crown can be used, specific pathological changes in the tooth root area as well as in the area of ​​the jawbone must be sufficiently treated. In addition, it is necessary that defects of the tooth caused by dental caries be eliminated. If root canal treatment is necessary, it must also be done before inserting the artificial crown.

A new tooth crown at the dentist in Frankfurt: A good decision for your health

The new tooth crown at the dentist Frankfurt helps to preserve the tooth as well as the dental health. The tooth is protected by the dental crown Frankfurt from external influences. The crown serves to stabilize the tooth. The dentition can be obtained by treating the dentist for a long time, sometimes into old age.

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