Dental implants of her dentist in kassel

Dental implants of her dentist in kassel

Dental implants – fixed dentures for a vital charisma and a good mouthfeel

Missing teeth burden the self-esteem especially when the tooth gap (s) are in the visible front area. Partially or completely lost teeth also hinder the natural chewing function and can counteract an articulated pronunciation when speaking. Furthermore, favor gullets the breakdown of the jawbone substance. Of the Use of a fixed dental implant comes one Living with natural teeth the next. Our dentists and the team of the dental care center ZMK GmbH take themselves Time for you and help you!

The way to the fixed dentures – a little patience with the dentist in Kassel leads safely to the goal

From the first meeting in ours ZMVZ ZMK Bad Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel or in ZMVZ ZMK Sandershausen until graduation the dental treatment be, depending on yours dental status, the extent of the tooth replacement and your individual wound healing, around six months pass. In some cases, you have to go ahead a permanent implantable bone foundation for the dental implant be restored. This can be the case, for example, if you were without dentures for an extended period of time, so that the substance of the jawbone has broken down. In other cases, your dentist will be in front of you Implant treatment a renovation of the existing teeth must make.

Different forms of dental implants

There are different types of Dental Implants. The selection by your ZMK dentist is due to the individual treatment situation – sometimes there are several alternatives.

Generally there is one dental implant out an artificial tooth root, a connector and a crown. Physically, these are usually two or three sections. First, the artificial tooth root is surgically in the jawbone brought in. After a healing period of several months, the tooth root is fused firmly with the jawbone. Only now is the tooth crown, the visible part of the implant, firmly connected to the tooth root.

The Immediate implantation with immediate restoration is used when the primary hold of the implant is sufficient.

The dental implant now replaces a single tooth. Several dental implants serve as carriers for a stuck bridge or one prosthesis.

The ones used for a dental implant materials are harmless to health: The tooth root is usually made of titanium. The mono-material TI is biocompatible (biocompatible), low in allergens and stable. As an alternative, for example, with thin gums, ceramic with zirconium oxide alloy can be used.

Dental implants – the most advanced solution for dentures

From an aesthetic and functional point of view Dental implants offer the best possible care for tooth gaps, shortened rows of teeth or toothless jaws. Thanks to biocompatible materials, complications such as rejection or wound healing disorders remain the absolute exception. Provided, however, is a consistent oral care at home and the regular, set in the interval Prophylaxis and Professional Teeth Cleaning (PZR)Your dentist and his team will gladly advise you on the best way oral hygiene. Our tip: complete a dental insurance in good time, e.g. under

Have you already collected information about dental implants from the media and / or the circle of acquaintances before you visit our practice in Kassel or Sandershausen? Please do not hesitate to ask us your personal questions in advance of the treatment – we take time for you and inform and advise you gladly and comprehensively! Dental laboratories, e.g. Their dental implants are increasingly used in so-called factoring. Here you can get further information about the Theme Factoring:

Only one day treatment: Fixed teeth, immediately!

At more complete toothless or with impending loss of teeth we can help with from only four to six dental implants the function of natural teeth in aesthetic perfection restore your personal wellbeing and natural radiance. And we can do it in just one treatment in just one day!

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