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Warm lined winter boots for children with waterproof rubber galosh in Canadian boat style

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Winter boots for children: warm feet for the little ones

Good winter equipment for children is expensive. Especially the winter boots. While a good pair of snow trousers can be worn for a second winter with a bit of luck, the little ones are sure to grow out of their boots after a season. Nevertheless, anyone who compromises in the quality of winter boots is badly advised. Cold or even wet feet spoil any snow fun and make the next illness more probable. One of the most frequently asked questions in advance:

Which winter boots are waterproof?

Winter boots are always waterproof if they are made completely of an impermeable material – rubber boots – or if they are equipped with a waterproof membrane such as Gore-Tex, Dri Defense or inexpensive membranes. This means that models with rubber galoshes are only completely waterproof if a waterproof membrane lining is also used on the shaft.

The alternative are water-repellent materials, for example coating in the shaft or water-repellent treatment on the outer material, which are sufficient in “dry”, cold snow conditions. In addition, there is a very wide range of (waterproof) winter boots for children, which we will break down in more detail below.

Winter boots with membrane: suitable for everyday use and all-terrain use

On the way to kindergarten or school, comfortable shoes are used that keep the children’s feet warm and dry, but above all, fit well. Lined winter boots, which can be laced or closed with several Velcro fasteners to prevent unpleasant slipping when walking, ensure a good fit.

An outdoor winter boot suitable for everyday use should also be sufficiently robust. Thanks to the integrated membrane lining, it is waterproof and still offers comparatively high breathability so that your feet don’t sweat.

A sporty winter boot is also suitable for walks and winter hikes – or to master the one-hour ascent to the toboggan run itself. The soles should be handy, especially on longer distances, but still flexible for children’s feet in order to make good progress in the snow. In order to avoid friction points, they should sit well on the foot and be optimally adaptable. For smaller children, a Velcro fastener makes independence easier, and a lacing facilitates optimal adjustment.

    > With the right winter boots children simply have more fun in the snow! | Photo: Vaude/Kathrin Baumann

When the sledging hill calls, the children are not only quick to get there, but above all not so soon to get away from it. What children’s feet need is reliable protection against cold and moisture. Winter boots with separate inner shoes, such as the Canadian classics from Sorel and Kamik, ensure permanently warm feet.

The removable inner shoe of these “Canadian Boots” provides heat retention and – should moisture penetrate – is dried over night again. Typical for these snow boots is the robust, waterproof galosh area. In addition, many current models feature a waterproof membrane, which ensures dryness even on the shaft in wet, muddy snow conditions.

An adjustable shaft over the ankle is important for such snow boots in order to fix the boots to the foot. This is the only way to avoid annoying slipping and the formation of blisters. High-quality models offer a robust Velcro strap as a fixation, which is regulated via a deflection. An additional width adjustment at the shaft end ensures that no snow can penetrate the boot from above.

A disadvantage of the robust snow boots is the comparatively high weight and the quite rigid construction of sole and galosh, especially with the small sizes for beginners and small children. In addition, the grip is always somewhat worse than with adjustable shoes and boots.

  • Ideal for: deep winters, snowball fights, building snow castles and the sledge hill

Winter rubber boots: practical, dense and ratz-fatz tightened

If you want to get out quickly to let off steam in mud or snow and feed your lungs with fresh air, a rubber boot suitable for winter is the first choice – although the name here is not to be understood as a blanket indication of the material. Some models like the Viking Extreme, for example, are made of foamed polyurethane, which is insulated by the air chambers integrated in the material.

Rubber boots deluxe, cheap and uncomplicated: The “Polar” and its brother “Extreme” from Viking are great when it comes to speed.

Compared to other winter boots for children, winter rubber boots are cheap and easy to put on yourself. The boots usually have no inner shoe and are made of one piece. This makes the boots very light, yet warm and absolutely waterproof.

However, long stays at the sledding hill or long hikes are not a typical rubber boot metier. Because the boots are not breathable and offer no possibility to be adapted to the foot. But for occasional muddy weather and whenever it has to go fast, they are best suited: slip in – and that’s it. Ideal for outdoor breaks in kindergarten – or if you have a rubber boot fan at home.

  • Ideal for: Muddy weather and mild winters, always when it has to go fast.

Which size for children’s winter boots?

Every shoe manufacturer uses his own last – so it is generally difficult to determine the right size for shoes without trying them on. In addition, fitting children’s shoes does not necessarily provide a reliable indication of whether a shoe actually fits or not.

The best reference point is therefore provided by measured values: the foot length and the inside length of the shoe. For children’s winter boots, the inside length should be 1.5 centimetres longer than the foot length. The following video shows how both can be determined.

Summary of the

Also for winter boots for children there are different models, which are made for different areas of application. Sporty winter boots are suitable for everyday use and can be worn off-road. They are ideal for walks, winter hikes and toboggan tours – but also for the way to school or kindergarten. Snow boots are “really warm” and provide reliable warmth even at sub-zero temperatures. Especially in wet winter conditions, a membrane reliably ensures dryness in these models. Rubber boots are often a long runner with children. Insulated winter rubber boots are tight, usually inexpensive, practical, quickly put on and ideally suited for occasional muddy weather. Our size consultant will help you find the right shoe size.

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