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A treasure hunt for 12 year olds that is exciting and excites the teenagers, that is like trying to put an egg on the top. Columbus is said to have made it. We have thought of play stations for the treasure hunt, where action and excitement are the order of the day. The effort is higher than for one Scavenger hunt at which primary school students are on the go, but the grown-ups can also expect something from us as parents.

Treasure hunt for 12 year olds: pulls an element out of the tower from below without it collapsing.
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"If I can already see this bored and arrogant facial expression, I always develop fantasies of violence!" Says one mother to another and continues to explain "But I’m not alone. Apparently that’s how it is at that age! ”What happened that the mother is so pissed off? The good would have with much diligence raised a child’s birthday for the 12 year old son. But he and his friends had nothing better to do than boycott and ridicule the whole thing. Nothing the teenagers can be proud of; but they are anyway. But I guarantee you: You can also inspire teenagers with a scavenger hunt! Let them find the way to the first station. Just show you a photo and the gentlemen have to think about where that could be. Suddenly the balls are pretty quiet and then the debate starts. The advantage of this variant of the treasure hunt: You do not have to leave any traces and you are always in front of the children at the station. It’s like running a rabbit and a hedgehog. That alone irritates the oh so cool boys tremendously. Let’s get to the first game. Do you have a construction site nearby? Perfect! Then ask the construction workers to cut 30 bar pieces with a length of about 20 to 30 centimeters. (Small tip: A crate of beer as compensation for expenses works wonders!).

Treasure hunt for 12 year olds: dismantle the tower

You stack a tower from these parts of the beam. With a square base. The youngsters get a die. The number of eyes indicates how many parts you have to pull out of the tower without it collapsing. The nasty thing about the task: you have to start from the bottom! You have to be very sensitive here.

With this game you definitely impressed the teenagers. Again shows you a photo where you should appear next. And let’s go

This game, it comes from the Highlands of Scotland, requires strength and technique:


Get a large, heavy piece of wood in the forest. Draw a line on the ground and from there the children have to throw. Who can hurl the trunk the farthest??

Again the teenagers are shown a photo where the next station is waiting for them. Experience has shown that those with the largest flap get the softest knees! You need a location under a large tree with firm, thick branches.

Stack beverage crates

Nobody has 20 empty beverage crates at home. Therefore, ask a beverage dealer if he can lend them to you. If he knows you, he will do it safely and gladly. Ours even drove the boxes out into the park and picked them up again. Attaches a climbing rope to a thick branch at a height of about five meters. Tie the free end to a box. The children now build the tower on this. You also leave the rope top rope on the branch. An HMS carabiner is latched onto express slings and the rope runs through here. An express sling is attached to the side of each box. The children hook the free carabiner into the fixed rope. Before that, you tie the children into the harness and let them put on the helmet. Secures the children when stacking and always has their hands on the rope. Works with a belay device. The advantage of the fixed rope in which the children latch each box is that the boxes fall apart in a controlled manner and the risk of injury is minimal.

  • two climbing ropes
  • Kletterhelm
  • quickdraws
  • backup device
  • HMS carabiner
  • two harnesses
  • empty beverage crates of the same size


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