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Simply convert shoe size to CM: On this page you will find measurement instructions, shoe size tables and converters for German shoe sizes, European shoe sizes, British and US shoe sizes.

In addition, you will find valuable tips about buying shoes and how you can easily check whether shoes really fit.

Shoe size chart

Calculate shoe size

Instructions for the right measurement

Determining the foot length in centimeters is basically very simple. However, you should measure at the earliest in the afternoon, because only then do the feet reach their full size. For measuring it is sufficient to have a sheet of paper and a pen on hand. A DIN A4 sheet (length: 29.4 cm) is sufficient for most. Everyone who is walking on a big foot and has a shoe size of more than 46 should stand on a larger sheet.

If you feel that only your left or right shoe is always pushing, you can easily find out whether your feet are different in size by tracing and measuring both feet. In principle, you should always focus on the larger foot. For larger differences in length, it is advisable to have shoes made to measure or to use insoles.

Shoe sizes in CM: men’s sizes

Foot length in cm EU / UK Size US size UK size
23.7 38.5 6 5.5
24.1 39 6.5 6
24.5 40 7 6
25 40.5 7.5 6.5
25.4 41 8th 7
25.8 42 8.5 7.5
26.2 42.5 9 8th
26.7 43 9.5 8.5
27.1 44 10 9
27.5 44.5 10.5 9.5
27.9 45 11 10
28.3 45.5 11.5 10.5
28.8 46 12 11
29.2 47 12.5 11.5
29.6 47.5 13 12
30 48 13.5 12.5
30.5 48.5 14 13
31.3 49.5 15 14
32.2 50.5 16 15
33 51.5 17 16
33.9 52.5 18 17

Shoe sizes in CM: women’s sizes

Foot length in cm EU / DE-size US Size UK-size
22 35.5 5 2.5
22.4 36 5.5 3
22.9 36.5 6 3.5
23.3 37.5 6.5 4
23.7 38 7 4.5
24.1 38.5 7.5 5
24.5 39 8th 5.5
25 40 8.5 6
25.4 40.5 9 6.5
25.8 41 9.5 7
26.2 42 10 7.5
26.7 42.5 10.5 8th
27.1 43 11 8.5
27.5 44 11.5 9
27.9 44.5 12 9.5

measure up


Mondopoint indicates the shoe size in millimeters. A Mondopoint shoe size of, for example, 320/120 corresponds to a foot length of 320 mm and a foot width of 120 mm.

Bundeswehr Shoe Size

Mondopoint is identical to the Bundeswehr shoe size (or NATO shoe size).

Asian shoe sizes

Asian shoe sizes such as the Japanese shoe size or the Korean shoe size are based on millimeter specifications, whereby calculations are carried out in 5 mm increments. The output is then in zenith meters. The Japanese shoe size 26.5 is therefore suitable for a foot with the same length.

Italian shoe size

The Italian shoe size corresponds today to the EU shoe size (identical to the German shoe size).

Shoe size: more than a number

How many steps do you take each day? Probably more than you think! Our feet are therefore the most stressed parts of the body and far less robust than you often think. So play the right ones and especially The right shoes play an important role in preventing painful misalignments and other orthopedic problems, such as hammer toes or an inclination of the big toe.

With the amount of different shoe size systems and the measurement values ​​that flow into them, you quickly lose track of them. Therefore, you should always take a measurement before buying new shoes the feet At home or at the trusted shoe store.

Foot measurement using a scanner is particularly useful for malpositions, disabilities or for athletes. The foot length and foot width can be optimally measured with the scanner.

The foot length is the most important size for most shoe size systems and should in any case be considered in the choice of footwear. You can find the size corresponding to the foot length quickly and easily in this online calculator.

Made to measure instead of off-the-shelf shoes?

Each foot is unique like a fingerprint. And if you don’t want to use standard industrial footbeds – and you shouldn’t – then customization makes sense!

Simon Shepherd, Shoemaker at Meisterschuh Berlin

Inserts are required for kinked, flat or spreading feet. For this purpose, an impression of the foot is made, with which an orthopedic shoemaker then creates insoles.

background knowledge

Extensive background knowledge on the creation, the various shoe size systems and calculations can be found on this page.

A different value is used for x depending on the country and person .
UK, adults: x = 25; UK, children: x = 12
US, men: x = 24; US, women: x = 23, US, children: x = 11.66

calculation & Formula of shoe sizes

In this example calculation, the German shoe size was calculated for a person with a foot length of 25 cm. The result is a value of 39.7, which is rounded to 39.5, since there are only whole and half shoe sizes.

In this sample calculation, the British shoe size was for one Man calculated with a foot length of 25 cm. In this case 25 is used for x (see above). The result is a value of 6.3, which is rounded to 6.5, since only whole and half sizes exist.

How do shoes fall??

The measurement systems are not standardized, but are calculated with small differences depending on the manufacturer and country. The calculated shoe sizes are the unambiguous, theoretical shoe sizes, but usually only whole or half shoe sizes are offered in stores. Therefore, both shoe sizes should always be tried around your own.


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