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Skiing holidays with the youngest as a shared experience

Ski courses for the youngest and their own youth programs guarantee a perfect family ski holiday in the winter paradise of Carinthia. The children have fun with their peers. The parents have a break for togetherness. Culinary delights or just a few hours of vacation from being a mother and father.

May it be a little more?

The first snow has fallen. The mountains are wrapped in a magnificent white robe. The ski holiday with children is just around the corner. Buckle up boards and "open up a mountain". The stress is beginning for many parents at the latest. It doesn’t have to be. A varied holiday in one of the most beautiful ski areas in Europe guarantees you absolute relaxation guarantee.

27 unique ski areas invite you to an unforgettable winter adventure in Carinthia. From ski courses to children’s ski schools, the offer is as diverse as nowhere else. The family-friendly areas ensure a stress-free family vacation. Best childcare and catering that makes you happy. If the Children sing happily and radiantly "The mountain calls", then there is a skiing holiday in Carinthia on the program.

Everything for the little runabouts

In the southernmost state of Austria, everything is geared towards the perfect family vacation. The warm hosts take care that big and small guests feel at home right from the start. The top ski schools and their child-friendly facilities are located directly on the slopes. Free ski courses for younger guests and routes especially for children. Sleigh rides, wildlife viewing, building an igloo or a torchlight night hike. The family-friendly winter sports regions in Carinthia offer just that.

Most hotels have the necessary equipment to borrow. Timely inquiries at your accommodation will save you unnecessary stress. When it comes to children’s ski clothing, you can save time and money with just a few tweaks. Maybe you have acquaintances whose children have grown out of your ski clothing. Borrow or swap – you will definitely agree. With the right one preparation it will be winter fun for the whole family.

On the alp with the children’s favorites

The family ski area Heidi Alm Bergresort am Falkert is the insider tip for families and connoisseurs. The offer with specialized children’s hotels and children’s ski schools is tailored to families with children. From children’s ski instructors to lifeguards, everyone is happy to take care of the little ones. The Heidi Alm ski park impresses with its manageable and stress-free routes for all skill levels and its special programs for children.

The mountain resort is located in the middle of the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains and is characterized by its healthy environment and idyllic quiet location. The pronounced altitude, the wide view over the valleys and mountains, the fresh and clear air and the good spring water are pure nature! At times up to 2300m, the clocks seem to go a little slower here. That calms all ski fans. Here you can indulge in pleasure skiing or glide along on the cross-country ski run. Skiing is just more fun up here and mostly above the clouds.


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