Sweating in Bremerhaven and time travel in Berlin – five interesting indoor activities with children

Especially when the weather is rainy and uncomfortable, you simply have to leave your own four walls behind you, in which the ceiling threatens to fall on your head. Especially if you have children, who are also in the mood for the weather. Therefore, we would like to present five indoor activities today that can be used to cheat bad weather.

The Klimahaus in Bremerhaven

A journey along the 8th longitude east awaits the visitors in the Klimahaus ® Bremerhaven. It is indeed a giant you go on, you experience the Swiss mountains, Sardinia, the dry heat of the desert and land at the end of the journey in the sky, which could not be more paradisiacal. It’s not a museum – exhibition boxes and artefacts are not to be found here. It is rather a discovery tour, with all the special features that the respective regions have to offer: Cows milk and earthquakes in Switzerland, locusts in Sardinia, hot sand in the desert and cold ice in the Antarctic research station.

The visitors are always exposed to the respective temperatures, which can sometimes make you sweat a lot! There is always a local family introduced who you can get to know better. Their wishes and dreams, but above all their way of life. The focus here is on environmental protection and tolerance. For children it goes with its own passport on the journey, which they can let stamp at several stations in the exhibition. And at the end of the journey, anyone who wants can send a real postcard to friends and family – as it should be – and even decide from which country it should be sent! A trip to the Rainforest House is a unique experience for all ages!

Center Parcs Aqua Mundo in Bispingen

The Aqua Mundo is the heart of the Center Parc Bispingen. But not only park guests can relax and romp here, also day guests can plunge into the floods here. With a day ticket, the swimming pool is open to visitors from outside from 11:00 a.m., those who arrive earlier can use the large indoor playground and let off steam. In the swimming pool itself, the motto is: off to the tropics.

It is a versatile pleasure where you can forget everything around you. Slides, a wave pool, even a surfer’s wave, where daredevil heroes can show their skills (rather something for older children and adults). Through whirlpool channels we cross the whirlpool until we fall exhausted into our deckchairs. All together in a richly planted, tropical atmosphere. Here one can endure it wonderfully on a cold rainy day! Not exactly a cheap fun, but it’s worth it!

Ballin Stadt – Emigration Centre in Hamburg

A visit to Ballinstadt takes us back about 100-200 years into the past. We are in a Germany in which it is becoming more and more difficult to find work and to feed his family. Many people then leave everything behind to find their happiness far away from home, in America – a country completely unknown to them, but from which they still hope for a better future.

In the Ballinstadt, some of them are accompanied from the first thought of emigration to the first months in their new homeland. It is a long and arduous journey, accompanied by countless hopes and dreams. In the middle of the last stop in Germany, the Ballinstadt, visitors experience this journey. Listening to what the emigrants have to tell, seeing where they slept, crossing the emigrant ship and finally reaching America. A courageous odyssey that is a really exciting experience to accompany!

Odysseum Adventure Museum in Cologne

The Odysseum in Cologne takes visitors on a research trip through the jungle and our earth. Here you can defy the earth’s gravitational pull in a rotating astronaut’s wheel or stimulate a dinosaur. You can climb to windy heights or dig for fossils in the sand. And very curious people can look very deeply at the hand, down to the smallest skin cell.

Younger visitors use the mouse to get to the bottom of exciting everyday phenomena. They explore what it looks like inside a smoke detector or how a washing machine works. A special attraction is the large water play and experiment area. The daring take a lap on the ceiling over the climbing course, while the younger siblings board the climbing house!

Story of Berlin

Our last tip in the series of indoor activities leads to Berlin – a city with an extraordinary historical significance. In the Story of Berlin you can experience this history of the city. From its beginnings as a small farming settlement to today’s metropolis. Whether you take a seat in an old S-Bahn car from the GDR era or in a cinema from the 1920s – you always go through the different epochs of the city very actively.

Several times a day there are also guided tours of the air-raid shelter built during the Cold War. A very exciting tour, but it could be frightening for smaller children. We recommend to visit “Story of Berlin” with children from about 10 years on, so that they can understand the contents at least rudimentarily – there is a rally at the entrance with which children are guided through the exhibition.

Our impression:

Indoor is thus outdoor in the experience value in nothing inferior! Whether you walk along a glacier wall in Bremerhaven, plunge into the waves in Bispingen, sniff the air of the New World in Hamburg, explore how a dynamo works with the mouse in Cologne, or get to the bottom of the question in Berlin of what cloths have to do in wake-up glasses – these tours will certainly not be boring. And suddenly it doesn’t matter how wet, cold and uncomfortable it is outside!

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