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The 10 best swimming goggles for children at a glance.

Children’s swimming goggles are useful accessories for your beach holiday. If your child goes swimming regularly, suitable swimming goggles are essential to the Protect eyes from chlorinated water. In common children’s swimming goggles tests, properties like that Anti-fog coating and UV protection of glasses rated.

The anti-fog coating ensures that the Do not fog up glasses. UV protection is especially important for swim outdoors important to the Protect your child’s eyes from the sun’s reflecting rays of the water surface. In our comparison table we present the most popular products and their most important properties.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

3 different sized nose bridges
3 different sized nose bridges
adjustable via notches

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Swimming goggles children comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Aqua Shpere Vista Junior arena tracks junior Arena Spider Junior Speedo Sea Squad Skoogle Speedo Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Junior Bezzee-Pro Cressi King Crab arena X Lite Kids Beco Rimini Speedo Sea Squad
at Amazon *
239 reviews 14 reviews 52 reviews 9 reviews 19 reviews 93 ratings 140 reviews 186 ratings 18 reviews 19 reviews
Type swimming mask suction cup glasses suction cup glasses suction cup glasses suction cup glasses suction cup glasses suction cup glasses suction cup glasses suction cup glasses swimming mask
product features
Recommended age
of the manufacturer
6 – 12 years 6 – 12 years 6 – 12 years 2 – 6 years 6 – 14 years 6 – 14 years 2 – 7 years 2 – 6 years 6 – 14 years 2 – 6 years
colour blue blue Gray Blue green Green Blue black transparent Green-Pink White blue Green-Pink
material silicone silicone polycarbonate & silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone
Weight 45 g 81.6 g 45.4 g 60 g 59 g 99.8 g 127 g 95 g 100 g 120 g
quick release
Adjustable nose bridge
fracture- & scratch-resistant glasses
Anti-fog coating
adjustability 2 side buckles Buckle on the back of the head Buckle on the back of the head 2 side buckles 2 side buckles 2 side buckles 2 side buckles 2 side buckles 2 side buckles 2 side buckles
UV protection
Including glasses case
further explanation
  • pink
  • Blue yellow
  • Black red
  • Purple-Pink
  • Green-Black
  • Pink-Purple
  • Blue-Purple
  • White blue
  • White Turquoise
  • blue
  • pink
  • blue
  • purple
  • Green white
  • available in other versions
  • blue
  • Green-Black
  • Blue White
  • available in other sizes
  • Yellow-Orange
  • White black
  • White Pink
  • Green Blue
  • particularly light
  • scratch-resistant glasses
  • large mask body that sits on the forehead and cheekbones
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • very easy to adjust
  • adjustable nose bridge
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • particularly light
  • very easy to adjust
  • flexible nose bridge adapts to the shape of the face
  • flexible nose bridge adapts to the shape of the face
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • flexible frame that adapts to the individual face shape
  • blue glasses reduce glare in bright light
  • adjustable nose bridge
  • break and scratch resistant glasses
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • break and scratch resistant glasses
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • available in many colors
  • break and scratch resistant glasses
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • available in many colors
  • adjustable nose bridge
  • double headband ensures a stable fit
  • large mask body that sits on the forehead and cheekbones
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Aqua Shpere Vista Junior Questions and answers about arena Tracks Junior Questions and answers about Arena Spider Junior Questions and answers about Speedo Sea Squad Skoogle Questions and answers about Speedo Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Junior Questions and answers about Bezzee-Pro Questions and answers about Cressi King Crab Questions and answers about arena X Lite Kids Questions and answers about Beco Rimini Questions and answers about Speedo Sea Squad
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  • Children’s swimming goggles reliably protect your child’s eyes from chlorinated water. Your child can use it without issues complete long swimming sessions without eye irritation.
  • Your children’s swimming goggles should have an anti-fog coating. This ensures that the glasses do not fog up and your child always has a clear view.
  • Rinse the children’s swimming goggles with clear water after each use. Chlorine residues would make the material porous over time.

Swimming is a very popular pastime. According to the BAT Foundation go for future questions 35% of families in Germany at least once a month to bathe. Children in particular have a lot of fun splashing around and are often hard to get out of the water.

Many children are passionate about diving under water and swimming with the air held. So that your child also under water has a clear view and does not attack his retina from the chlorinated water you should give your child one Put on children’s swimming goggles.

In the purchase advice of our children’s swimming goggle comparison from 2019/2020, we will introduce you to the most common types of swimming goggles and explain to you what properties you should pay attention to when choosing the right goggles.

1. Swimming goggles protect the eyes from chlorinated water

Swimming goggles for children ensure that your child is under water see everything well and clearly can. she also protect the eyes from the chlorine water, which can affect the retina during long swimming with open eyes and lead to conjunctivitis.

It is important that the glasses offer a high level of comfort with a good, firm hold.

There are also swimming goggles for children with nose protection. This is a clip that can be put on the nose to prevent water from getting inside.

Compared to diving goggles, swimming goggles are for children cut dynamically and have hardly any resistance in the water. So they are ideal suitable for romping in the water. Make sure that the glasses sit well on your child’s head, because jumping from the pool edge or games like water polo should also be possible without the glasses slipping.

Children’s swimming goggles mostly consist of two separate glasses, the so-called eyecups. These are with one Rimmed silicone gasket, so that they sit tightly on your child’s eyes and no water penetrates. The two Eyecups are connected by a nose bridge. This is partly adjustable in size, but partly also firmly attached to the glasses.

We recommend you to buy swimming goggles for children with a variable size nose bridge. So the glasses can grow with your child and use them for a long time.

A rubber band runs around the head, which can be adjusted to the optimal length using buckles. This must not be too loose, otherwise the glasses will get out of position.

Children’s swimming goggles can well used to a depth of 2 meters become. The glasses are not suitable for proper diving. For this you should buy a diving mask. The increased negative pressure and the water pressure from outside during deep dives can lead to uncomfortable pressure points in the eye area for children’s swimming goggles.

2. What types of children’s swimming goggles are there??

In the area of ​​swimming goggles, a distinction is made between swimming masks, suction cup goggles and Swedish goggles. We present the different types in the following table.

Goggles type particularities
Sweden glasses
  • hard edge without silicone seal
  • sits directly in the eye socket
  • no nose bridge, but mostly rubber band as a connection
  • a rubber band around your head
  • only suitable for short training or competition units
  • not suitable for romping in the water

only a rubber band as a fixation around the head

swimming mask
  • usually only one body for both glasses
  • very wide silicone rim that goes around the entire body of the glasses
  • sit on the forehead and cheekbones
  • usually a wide elastic band around the head, which is adjustable in length by buckles
  • ideal for romping in the water

very high wearing comfort

high weight

suction cup glasses
  • Silicone seals that stick to the eye
  • flexible nose bridge that adapts to the shape of the face
  • double elastic band around the head, which is adjustable in length by buckles
  • Suitable for longer training sessions thanks to the silicone padding
  • is very suitable for romping in the water

good sealing due to silicone edges

tightness is only guaranteed in the correct size

In the field of Swimming goggles for children are mainly found in suction cup goggles. Some manufacturers, such as Aqua Sphere, offer children’s swimming goggles in the swimming mask category. The Swedish glasses are hard to find for children, as they offer the least comfort.

3. Purchase criteria for children’s swimming goggles: UV protection and anti-fog properties are particularly important

3.1. The anti-fog property ensures a clear view

Why do swimming goggles fog up??

There is air in the swimming goggles. This air is usually warmer than the water. The water cools down the glasses. This also cools down the air inside the glasses and condenses the air. This means that water vapor is generated and is deposited on the lenses.

The anti-fog property of swimming goggles denotes that Function that the glasses do not fog up. The glasses have a special coating on the inside that allows water to roll off and prevents condensation from settling there.

Therefore, make sure that you buy children’s swimming goggles that are equipped with the anti-fog function. Your child’s swimming experience is not affected by a matt film on the lenses.

Never wipe the inside of the glasses with a cloth or any cleaning agents. This damages the anti-fog coating and a clear view is no longer guaranteed.

3.2. Pay attention to UV protection for the eyes

The best children’s swimming goggles have UV protection.

Your child’s eyes should be protected from UV radiation, especially in water. Of course, this is especially true when it is swimming outdoors.

The sun’s rays are reflected on the surface of the water and can blind your child very much when they appear. The UV rays are not only unpleasant, rather also very harmful to the eyes. They can damage the retina and lead to poor eyesight in the long term.

Especially if your child likes to splash around in the water for a long time, you should protect your eyes from UV radiation.

3.3. Fit: Only well-fitting swimming goggles really keep you tight

When you buy swimming goggles for your child, pay attention to the accuracy of fit. Only if the glasses really fit, are they guaranteed to be tight.

The rubber band should run over the head at a 45 degree angle. So it sits a little higher than the glasses.

First of all, you should have the Matching eyecups choose. It is best to measure the Distance from the nose bone between the eyes to the outer corner of the eye. This represents the optimal width for the lens.

If the children’s swimming goggles are too wide for your child’s head, then they are not optimally positioned on the side of the eye. They do not absorb themselves properly and water can enter.

The Nose bridge should not be too wide, so that the glasses of the glasses are not too far in the eye. This can also cause water to get into the glasses. There are swimming goggles that deliver nose bridges in different sizes.

If your child is growing and should use the goggles for longer, we recommend purchasing swimming goggles with nasal bridges in various sizes.

The rubber band, which goes around the head be adjustable in length by two side buckles or one at the back of the head. In this way, the glasses can be optimally adjusted to your child’s head size and a firm hold is guaranteed. There are also children’s swimming goggles with a closure at the back of the head. So it is easy to put on and take off the glasses without pulling the hair.

Tip: To test whether the goggles really fit, press the eyecups on your child’s eyes without pulling the rubber band over your head. Holds the glasses and is comfortable to wear, then the glasses are suitable for your child.

3.4. Scratch-resistant and shatterproof glasses guarantee a long lifespan for the children’s swimming goggles

Swimming goggles for children with scratch and break-proof glasses can also withstand falls on stony ground.

Many swimming goggles for children are included scratch and break-proof glasses fitted. This is a great advantage if your child wants to use the swimming goggles on vacation on the beach. The glasses are quickly placed in the sand and that fine grains of sand can quickly scratch the lenses. This damages the anti-fog coating and can also damage the UV protective layer of the glasses. In addition, your child’s view is significantly restricted by scratched glasses.

In children, swimming goggles can often fall off. Unbreakable glasses survive even one Fall from a greater distance and undamaged on hard surfaces.

4. How to take care of children’s swimming goggles

Who has “right of way” at a shared diving and swimming pool?

According to Stiftung Warentest, swimmers have priority. This means that everyone who wants to jump from the diving platform into the pool must be sure not to hinder or even injure a swimmer.

After each use you should use the glasses of the swimming goggles rinse with clear, cold water. The chlorine in particular makes the material brittle in the long term and should therefore be washed off.

Leave the children’s swimming goggles not too long in the sun lie. A lot of sun and changing water types can do that Let the rubber crack. Simply rub the tape with cream every now and then. This gives the material moisture and increases the service life.

Clean the glasses of your children’s swimming goggles only with specially designed cleaning agents.

But be careful no cream on the glasses to lubricate. The inside of these should be protected against dirt and grease and should not be touched, otherwise the anti-fog coating could be damaged.

But if the glasses are dirty, then use a special spray for swimming goggles for cleaning. These cleaning agents are designed so that they do not degrade the anti-fog properties and UV protection of the glasses.

We do not recommend using cleaning agents other than those specifically designed for swimming goggles. The sometimes very chemical agents attack the material and the coating too much.

It is best to store the swimming goggles for children in a hard plastic case. So the glasses are tidy and safe even after long periods of non-use.

5. Questions and answers about swimming goggles for children

5.1. The anti-fog coating can be renewed?

Yes, it can. With special care products can you do that Clean the glasses of the children’s swimming goggles and at the same time renew the anti-fog coating.

The products are usually very productive and so 10 ml care product is enough for around 200 cleaning applications. Make sure to rub the cleaning spray only with a clean cloth. If there are small, hard dust particles in them, then these scratches can be left on the lenses.

5.2. There are also swimming goggles for children with prescription lenses?

As a rule, children’s swimming goggles are available with goggles from -8 to +8 diopters.

Yes, there are also swimming goggles for children with prescription lenses. These are a good alternative to avoid wearing contact lenses when swimming. This does not irritate the eyes and your child can still see everything clearly.

It will two versions of prescription swimming goggles distinguished. For one, there are models where prescription lenses installed directly and on the other hand there is the possibility of one Correction layer on the inside of the glasses to install.

The advantage of glued correction layer is that this more precisely and according to the needs attached to the lens can be. It is in contrast to the prescription glasses more unstable and sensitive to temperature fluctuations As for.

5.3. Which brands are there swimming goggles for children?

There are numerous manufacturers who have products in the children’s swimming goggles category in their range. These include the well-known water sports brands such as Speedo and arena. The Speedo Sea Squad model and the Spena children’s swimming goggles from arena are particularly popular products.

There are also high quality products from many other brands, such as Cressi, Aqua Sphere, OutdoorMaster, Beco and Bezzee-Pro. In our comparison table at the top of the page you will find swimming goggles for children of different brands. There we have clearly listed the most important product properties for you.


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