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Supplementary dental insurance (only for dentures): Top 5 tariffs in comparison & test

Since high-quality dentures are associated with very high costs, they represent the central component of most dental insurance policies.

If you want to protect yourself against high costs for dentures, you don’t necessarily have to resort to an all-round premium tariff. A tariff that limits its services to the dentures module can also provide good conditions in this area. Since these tariffs do not include additional services, such as dental treatment or professional tooth cleaning, they are characterized by significantly lower monthly contributions.

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Hypnosis – not just for fear of the dentist

Dental hypnosis is helpful in the treatment of children and adults with more or less pronounced dental phobia. We achieve a high level of compliance (readiness to treat), especially for children whose willingness to treat cannot be addressed via the ratio. For everyone else, long-term dental treatment becomes a pleasant, low-pain, time-shortening experience.

What is Dental Hypnosis??

Modern clinical hypnosis is a scientifically developed method of going into a trance. In this state between sleep and wakefulness, attention is strongly focused on inner experience. You can still perceive all the events, the contact with the conversation remains, but the current events move so far away that feelings of fear and perception of pain are reduced. The patient feels that the treatment is pleasant.

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Where only with the 'disabled children'? I

I. Today. 10 to 8.

Where only with the "disabled children"?

Where only with the "disabled children"?

Create smaller school classes, hire more teachers and social workers and overcome your fear – then we (almost) no longer need special education.

What is worst for children? When they can’t feel normal and when you talk about them. Both together – the absolute horror. Children who fall under the “disabled” label face this every day. The ubiquitous word of abuse in the schoolyards, the natural use of "Spast", "Spacko", "Mongo" etc. can be ignored if necessary. But the Be-Word in its compassionate-empathic use, well-meaning condescendingly used – "they can’t do anything for the fact that they are so disabled" – is unbearably humiliating.

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When the father is only at home on the weekend

When the father is only at home on weekends.

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Dad is only at home on weekends

The bag is packed and ready at the door. With the car key in hand, the father sneaks into the children’s room again and kisses each child on the forehead. It is Sunday evening, he has put the little ones into bed, now there is a long car ride ahead of him. The father of two children does his job three hundred kilometers away. Only on Friday evening will he be able to hug her personally. It is a similar experience for many fathers, whose weeks consist of five days working in another city and two days of intensive weekend with the children and their partner.
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