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Study dentistry

If you want to study dentistry, you are dealing with the field of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine. In the study of dentistry you will learn different clinical pictures in mouth– and jaw know how periodontitis, periodontitis or malposition of the dentition. The aim of the course is to prevent these diseases, to recognize them and to treat them. Studying dentistry is a prerequisite for practicing the profession of dentist and specialist in oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery.

What course content await me?

Studying dentistry conveys complex knowledge from the field of natural sciences. Just like medical students, you acquire in the first stage of the course, preclinical called basic knowledge and skills to understand the human body. So that you can help people in your later job, you have to be able to explain the processes in the body, for example where a pain comes from. You will learn this in the following subjects:

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Gum treatment (periodontology) - process & costs

Gum Treatment | Periodontitis | Periodontitis | Periodontology | Periodontitis Treatment Causes | Costs | procedure

Professional gum treatment (periodontology)

Every third person in Germany suffers from periodontitis. Anyone who suffers from this has to fight with an inflammation of the tooth-holding apparatus – also called periodontium. This spreads from the gumline to the tooth cement and the root skin and is a common cause of tooth loss, especially as we age.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis usually progresses slowly and initially does not cause pain. Periodontitis only becomes noticeable with the appearance of regular bleeding gums, reddening and swelling of the gum tissue and unpleasant bad breath. As a result, there are so-called gum pockets, which may secrete secretions. This can lead to loosening and ultimately loss of teeth, which can only be compensated for by dentures. These pockets go hand in hand with a decrease in gums and sensitive tooth necks, but a change in the tooth position can also be the result. Periodontitis can progress chronically (gradually) or aggressively (within a few weeks).

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root canal treatment

What you should know about root canal treatments

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Bite firmly again: How long does a root canal treatment take??

If bacteria have made it to the inside of the tooth, the roots of the tooth become inflamed and cause severe pain. Now a root canal treatment is necessary to remove the bacteria and the more

Pain, costs, complications: Interesting facts about root canal treatments

When a tooth is infected, patients often experience severe pain. Root canal treatment then helps to maintain the function of the tooth. But many patients fear this intervention. More

When is root canal treatment necessary??

Root canal treatment is often the last way to preserve the tooth if the tooth is inflamed. The More explains how it works, when it becomes necessary and whether there are alternatives

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General anesthesia at the dentist: costs & procedure

How does general anesthesia work at the dentist? Find out everything about the risks, costs and the process

For many patients with great fear of the dentist, treatment under general anesthesia is an option. In the case of adult phobias in particular, the only practical solution is general anesthesia at the dentist. In this case, costs are in addition to the treatment, but it can be very worthwhile for you as a patient in very painful or complicated dental operations.

Table of Contents

Dentist Dr Seidel general anesthesia sedation

What is general anesthesia??

When the American dentist W.T.G. Morton, who first anesthetized a patient in 1846, was an important cornerstone of modern medicine.

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Professional teeth cleaning: process, costs, disadvantages, health insurance

For regular domestic dental care dentists always recommend one professional cleaning in practice, the stubborn residue and Remove dirt that are difficult to remove with standard toothbrushes. But: does this treatment really make sense for everyone? And how exactly does the dental cleaning work in the clinic??

Dental cleaning in practice – useful or not?

A Tooth cleaning in the dental practice should be as Supplement to daily dental care serve. Even if you clean your teeth several times a day and do it conscientiously, there is no guarantee that you will actually reach every area. Toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwashes already do a good job, but the additional one ensures an even better mouthfeel Teeth cleaning by the professional.

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Professional tooth cleaning (pzr): process and costs

teeth cleaning

definition & introduction

Professional teeth cleaning: process and costs

definition: Professional teeth cleaning (PZR) means prophylaxis treatment at the dentist, in which the teeth are professionally cleaned mechanically. The scope of professional tooth cleaning (PZR) depends on the oral hygiene condition.

The cost of professional teeth cleaning must i. d. Usually be borne by yourself, since very few health insurance companies take over this service.

It is not uncommon for you to incur costs of around 200 euros per year. It doesn’t have to be.

With MediKompassDE you can compare prices for professional teeth cleaning. Top-rated dentists in your area make you a cheap offer here. Our service is free of charge for you as a patient.

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Periodontal treatment (periodontology): process, costs, painless

periodontal disease treatment

periodontal disease treatment

Periodontitis (dentistically correct: periodontitis) is a real widespread disease, which affects about 80 percent of people over 40 in their lifetime in this country. It is initially a painless and basically easy to get hold of bacterial inflammation, but it can have far-reaching consequences if left untreated. The most important thing is regular check-ups at the dentist: he recognizes periodontitis early on and can start treatment immediately.

Only when periodontitis progresses will there be a comprehensive one periodontal Therapy necessary. It focuses on two things: On the one hand, it has the unconditional goal of stopping the progressive inflammation; on the other hand, it is an important measure for the long-term preservation of the tissue that supports the teeth.

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Hypnosis at the dentist: process, applications & benefits

Hypnosis can be of great help in therapy, especially for patients with dental anxiety. (© Posmann) Hypnosis is a procedure aimed at a changed state of consciousness, the hypnotic trance. This state creates deep relaxation, which in turn increases susceptibility to suggestions. In a trance, all attention is focused on one thing. The rest of the environment takes a back seat. We can also experience this in everyday life when we jog, read an exciting book or concentrate on a difficult job.

This is how hypnosis works

Dental hypnosis specifically promotes and strengthens the natural ability to perform everyday trance. It enables the patient to mentally distance himself from the current treatment situation and to concentrate on pleasant ideas and memories. He can relax completely physically: breathing becomes calm, blood pressure drops and the pulse rate slows down. In this state, surgical interventions can even be performed without the patient noticing anything.

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