Takka-tukka adventure land – indoor playground – sports world

The large children’s indoor game world in Hesse, Lower Saxony and Bavaria .

HELLO KIDS, our motto is more fun and action for big and small children in the Takka-Tukka adventure land.

The Takka-Tukka adventure land is a huge in- & Outdoor game world with locations in Künzell near Fulda, Gifhorn near Wolfsburg and Gerolzhofen near Schweinfurt. As with Pippi Longstocking Takka-Tukka adventure land Children the main characters. Here they can play to their hearts’ content, romp, hop, climb, celebrate and be as loud as they like.

The absolute hit! Birthday parties in Takka-Tukka adventure land. That means no stress at home, great fun for the children and very relaxed parents. We make your big day an unforgettable experience!

When the sun flashes out from behind the clouds, it’s time to go outside! The adventurous outdoor playground offers plenty of attractions to romp and splash around in when the weather is nice. Outside there is a 17m long water slide, a water playground, our adventure play tower and much more. Very important, don’t forget your bathing suit.

In our beautiful jungle Bistro Young and old can sit relaxed and enjoy delicious food and drinks at low prices. From the kids menu and the Takka box, there is all sorts of delicious food, drinks, ice cream and much more.

Tennis and soccer arena …. Games, sports and fun for them whole family! Stay fit. With our tennis and soccer courts, we look forward to small and large athletes. Whether with a regular subscription, whether just in between, whether for birthdays and celebrations, after work or for tournaments. By agreement, our indoor courts are available to all sports enthusiasts.

We look forward to seeing you!


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