The 10 best child seats in test& compare 2022

The 10 best child seats in test& compare 2022

In the event of a car accident, the right child seat can save lives and is therefore one of the essentials of child safety equipment. Since 1993, the road traffic regulations in germany, austria and switzerland have not only made seat belts compulsory, but also child seats. All small passengers under the age of twelve or smaller than 1.50 m are only allowed to ride in a proper and suitable restraint system.

If you forget your car seat after an eventful afternoon of playing at home, this can not only be dangerous for your little darling, but you can also be fined up to 70 €. Since a cool look and an ergonomic design alone are not enough to guarantee your toddler a safe and comfortable car ride, you should not take the selection, use and installation of the child seat lightly, and you should carefully read the safety and use instructions beforehand.


Which child seat groups are available and which one fits best to the weight and size of your little one?? How can the different child seat variants be fastened safely and quickly in a car?? At babys10 you will find the answers, comparisons and recommendations to these and other questions, so that you can drive safely with your child in road traffic with peace of mind.

Which child seat is the right one for my child?

Since the manufacturer storchenmuhle went on the market in 1963 with the world’s first car seat "nicki", a lot has happened up to now. This is probably why you are a little confused by the large selection of child seats, but don’t worry: even though there are more and more models, babys10 will help you choose the right child seat and get an overview among the various products from cybex, britax romer, kiddy, casualplay, besafe, nanina, recaro and maxi-cosi.

Often terms like baby car seat or reboarder are used as synonyms for child seat. But what exactly the differences between baby car seat, child seat and reboarder are, you can read in the article on baby car seats in more detail.

You can also find out which restraint systems have performed best in babys10, ADAC and stiftung warentest and where you can buy the test winners.

What is available for child seats& child seat groups

Because of the many offers, the buying process for young parents can quickly end up in time-consuming research and a confusing flow of information. In order to guarantee the various quality criteria, the different infant carriers, reboarders, child seats and child booster seats are divided by the manufacturers into classes or. Age groups. Only then, depending on weight and body size, can the ideal frame offer comfortable support and sufficient freedom of movement. Finally, your little one should have enough space to shorten the long car ride with his favorite toy, such as the cuddly bunny or cuddly donkey pauli.

Who needs which child seat

In principle, every car seat is designed according to the approval criteria of the ECE minimum standard, which corresponds to either the classic ECE-R44/04 or ECE-R129. The european union divides child seats into six different child seat weight groups:

Child seat groups

Group 0 for children who weigh less than 10 kg and are under 15 months old
i-size for all children who are no taller than 105 cm and are under 15 months old
group 0+ for children who weigh up to 13 kg and are not older than 3 years old
group 1 for children who weigh between 9 and 18 kg and are no older than three years old
group 2 for children who weigh between 15 and 25 kg and are between 3 and 12 years old
group 3 for children between 22 and 36 kg and who are not older than 12 years old

I-size standard& reboarder

The already mentioned ECE-R129 standard is also known as the i-size standard and is only based on the size of your child. It requires a rearward facing ride or. "reboarder". Since most car accidents involve a head-on collision, the reboarder provides force relief for your little one’s body. This is especially important in the first months of your child’s life, as the neck muscles are still too weak to hold the large and heavy head independently. Not only the manufacturer cybex offers the suitable reboarder baby seat aton, but also besafe with model IZI or perego with viaggio (9-18 kg) convince in the car seat test 2022.

At this point, however, it is important to mention that you can of course roughly orientate yourself on these standards and specifications, but in the end it is up to you to decide which seat fits the anatomy of your young racer perfectly. It is best to always listen to the caring and sensitive instinct of mom.

Child seats that grow with the child

Many manufacturers also offer child seats that grow with your child, which then adapt not only to the weight, but also to the size of your child. With child seats that grow with your child, you have the option of using seat reducers and removing them if necessary when your little one is big enough. In addition, child seats that grow with your child have the advantage that you don’t have to buy a new child seat every time your little one grows.

booster seats

The less expensive booster seats belong to group 2 and can therefore be used by children who weigh more than 15 kg. Manufacturers such as chicco, kaufmann, safety 1st, patron or nania offer practical models with funny star wars, frozen or mickey mouse motifs for this purpose. babygo and perego also have booster seats in their range, but they are not always available in all online stores. However, such elevations usually do not have sufficient head support and the necessary side impact protection. If your little explorer is tired after his adventurous activities, the belt can quickly shift or the head can slip to the side during a nap in the car, increasing the risk of injury.

Baby car seat or child seat

Since the infant carrier – as the name suggests – is only suitable for babies and thus serves as a car seat for infants in groups 0 and 0+, over time this carrier will quickly become too small for the young adventurers and restrict the necessary freedom of movement. That’s why we recommend a child seat from group 0+ and group 1 onwards, with colorful patterns and funny prints to keep you in a good mood. Besides, your little darling will love to ride in his own cool child seat anyway. After all, mom and dad don’t have such a great car seat that they can climb into all by themselves and then buckle up.

What is important for child seats& to note

After choosing the right car seat for your child, you can take it out for your first ride around town. However, the ideal car seat is of little use if it is not properly installed and fastened in the car body according to the instructions. Maybe your vacation together is just around the corner and you don’t know how to transport the seat or the booster seat quickly and safely on the plane. Since the seat can and should also be used on the move, for example for a cab ride, ergonomic and easy-to-understand removal and installation is one of the most important purchasing criteria.

where to install a child seat in the car

In order for the child seat to be convincing in terms of safety, you should pay attention to a few factors when installing, fastening and selecting the seat. Basically, children from the age of 2 belong in the back seat, as the safest place in the car is behind the passenger. Especially after a strenuous shopping trip, you can help your little passenger get in and out of the car or buckle up without stress and in peace, because the passenger door opens to the sidewalk and not to the street. In addition, usually only the outer seats of the rear bench are isofix suitable and suitable for a child seat.

However, if you are traveling alone with your infant and have a long trip to grandma and grandpa, the passenger seat is clearly more advantageous. If baby’s tummy is grumbling again because it is digesting, you can easily look over at it and stroke it a bit. You do not have to dare a risky shoulder view to the back seat.

But you must not forget to deactivate the airbag on this seat before you mount the reboarder or the infant carrier on the front passenger seat. In the event of an accident, this unfortunately does not provide any additional protection, but can in the worst case cause serious injuries

How to fix a child seat in the car

Before you start looking for the right car seat, you can think about what it needs to do and what you personally value most. If the fipsy offspring is mainly chauffeured in the child seat in your car? Or do grandma and grandpa often pick up their offspring for a stroll?? If the latter is the case, a lightweight, easy-to-carry and easy-to-fit seat with isofix fastening may suit your lifestyle better.

Child seat with isofix system

isofix seats are among the fastest "click technology" fastening systems. although they can be used universally, they can be time-consuming and disadvantageous in vehicles with storage compartments or drawers in front of the back seats, as they are more difficult to fasten. You are welcome to read more information in the article about isofix baby car seats, as the use or the safety of isofix baby car seats is very important. Installation of child seats works similarly.

Three& five-point seat belt systems

Alternatively, you can also use the classic three-point belt, five-point belt or harness belt, which can be installed in any car but, unlike the isofix belt, has to be tightened very strongly. the motto here is: the less play, the safer. There should be no more than a hand’s width between the chest and the belt.

especially the car seats of the "kidfix sict" collection from britax rommer can be fixed in vehicles with an isofix fastening, but also additionally with the traditional three-point belt system. The manufacturer maxi-cosi explicitly uses the three-point belt system in the cabriofix model and also offers a combinable stroller click system so that your baby can continue to sleep undisturbed in the stroller.

child booster seat with three-point system

For the booster seat, the three-point belt is always used, regardless of whether it has a backrest or not. However, since some children, depending on their height and stature, can sometimes get neck or headaches with this type of restraint, a safety harness with a seat pan is another way to adequately protect your sweetie in the event of a crash.

The impact shield is attached to the seatbelt and ensures that your child is cushioned gently and safely in the event of a frontal impact, as with an airbag, and that the young, sensitive child’s bones are protected. With these child seats, too, the seat can additionally be attached in the car with the isofix fastening system.

In particular, manufacturer kiddy has specialized with the model guardianfix on restraint systems with catch bodies and convinces not only with excellent safety tests, but also with colorful designs in lively apple-green.

How to clean a child seat

Especially on a long car trip it can happen that your little caterpillar is hungry again and doesn’t want to wait with the food: it is crumbled and licked, whether ice cream, porridge, cookies or other treats, everything is there and ends up in the car on the back seat and on the child seat. Not to mention the face, hands, romper suit and body.

With all the holes, loops and attachments on the child seat, how are you supposed to find out how to take it apart so you can wash it properly?? First of all you can read the manufacturer’s instructions, check the drying time and washing temperature. Afterwards it is advisable to take a photo of the construction with your cell phone, so that you can see later where all straps, attachments and accessories are fastened.

Furthermore, you can remove the individual parts, such as the cover and upholstery, in order to clean them in the washing machine in the gentle cycle. We recommend that you avoid using fabric softener and temperatures that are too hot. It would be annoying if the cover shrinks and no longer fits on the child seat. With pleasure the cover or the upholstery ca. Air dry for two days. Meanwhile you can vacuum the cracks and loopholes in the car and the seat.

If not all stains come out with the first wash, you can still help with the upholstery care spray from meguiars natural shine. for a good scent in the car then provides the primavera bio airspray. That’s it, the seat and car are free of crumbs and ready for the next stain duel, when crushed fruit and cactus ice are competing again.

How to transport the child seat in the airplane or. Packing for a flight

Now the time has finally come and you can plan the first family vacation together with your little darling. To avoid annoying additional costs for child seats in the vacation destination, you can also simply take the child seat with you on vacation. The small effort is worth it in any case, because often the child seats in the rental cars are dirty and do not meet sufficient safety criteria.

Child seats can be easily installed in most foreign rental cars with the classic three-point seat belt system, except in the USA. Therefore, it makes sense to discuss the different conditions and belt systems with the provider in advance and to deal with the relevant regulations in the foreign country.

For the plane, you can pack the restraint system in an extra carrier bag, for example, which will then be marked as bulky luggage at the check-in counter. When you finally arrive at your destination, you can pick up the seat from the conveyor belt or the restricted baggage counter and set off on a new adventure with your family.


The three best child seats from cybex, kiddy& britax in comparison 2022

In the child seat test 2022 you can now find out everything about the three test winners from cybex, kiddy and britax romer. Of course, there are other good child seats from manufacturers such as maxi-cosi or LCP kids. However, these were mostly rated average to good by ADAC and stiftung warentest, and babys10 also shares this opinion.

Child seat cybex gold solution M-fix

The cybex gold solution M-fix child seat has been awarded 1.8 in group 2/3 by both stiftung warentest and ADAC and offers optimum protection for the "big little ones".

The restraint system is part of the latest family member of the solution series and inspires with tilt-adjustable headrests, which are designed to prevent children from falling asleep with their head or head restraint. Tilt neck forward. The pleasant ventilation system, which consists of a network of ventilation channels, supports a comfortable body climate, so that your young athlete can quickly recover from the strenuous soccer match in the car, even on hot days.

The particularly innovative L.S.P. system plus and isofix-connect-system fulfills important criteria such as flexibility, stability and, of course, safety while driving in an above-average manner. By removing the locking arms, the seat is also compatible for vehicles without isofix system. The top seller among the car seats can be ordered in eight different colors for as little as €190 from amazon. If it’s a question of which color is trendy now, you can simply ask the little chair fart for advice.

The following video explains why exactly the adjustable headrest should be a must-have for child seats and how the cybex gold solution M-fix meets these requirements:

child seat kiddy phoenixfix 3

the kiddy seat shell with additional impact shield is specially designed for group 1 and therefore suitable for all kids who use the ca. 9 months to 4 years old and weighing between 9 and 18 kg. The latest model in the phoenixfix series was rated "very good" as the test winner by stiftung warentest and has received official airworthiness certification from both the german technical inspection authority (tuV) and the federal aviation authority (luftfahrtbundesamt). The phoenixfix 3 also complies with the ECE-R44/04 standard and can be extended with a matching seat cushion for the very young.

the royal phoenix throne adapts perfectly to your child’s body dimensions and, thanks to its special shape, allows the body to "roll" safely. Newly introduced is the innovative "kiddy shock absorber", which mechanically absorbs the frontal or lateral forces that occur in the event of an accident. With a three-point belt system, the restraint, seat and belt are secured in the car. Of course you can also take the faster variant and install it with the help of the practical k-fix + connectors or the k-fix + connectors. The isofix system in the car.

Since your globetrotter likes to ride just as comfortably as you do, the individually adjustable tilt angle of the kiddy child seat can ensure a restful, quiet and pleasant ride. With this model, you don’t have to make any compromises in terms of safety and also have a colorful choice of unusual designs. The generous accident-plus exchange service offers you the opportunity to have the seat checked for defects in the event of a serious traffic accident and, if necessary, to have it exchanged for a new child seat of equal value free of charge.

At amazon you can buy the nippy model from just under 260 €. You can learn more about the installation and removal of the kiddy phoenixfix 3 child seat in the following video:

child seat britax romer first class plus

The first class plus from britax romer is a child seat of the group 0+/1 and can be used from birth to 4 years. The seat is characterized mainly by forward and rearward facing safety. With a weight of 8 kg, the romer child seat belongs to the upper weight class, but can still be quickly installed or removed and is therefore a true all-rounder in everyday use.

However, in this child seat, the manufacturer does not use the modern isofix attachment and works with the standard three-point belt system. Especially in the event of a side collision, particularly thick shoulder padding protects your little passenger from head, neck and throat injuries.

To ensure that your little one can also lie soft and airy in the comfortable shell, the summer cover offers a pleasant alternative for hot summer days. However, if your adventurer would like to see the world from the car window, the seat position can be changed and adjusted as desired. the child seat is already available from 195 € on amazon in four exciting colors like dark grape, crown blue, chili pepper or black thunder and thus perfectly matches the upholstery color of your car.

The conclusion: the britax romer car seats of the collection first class plus is an investment for the future, because the child seat is adjustable according to the body size of your darling and guarantees your treasure both comfort and safety in the long run. The following video clearly explains installation and removal of the britax child seat and potential risk factors:

Where to buy a child seat

After all the information, tips and tests you probably ask yourself where you can buy good and cheap child seats now. Of course you can get some models on second hand platforms like ebay or shpock, but here you don’t know what condition the child seat is really in. Since transport is your "most valuable cargo", you should not make any compromises here and preferably purchase a new child seat either from a specialist retailer or online via amazon, mytoys or babywalz.

Used child seats

Some manufacturers, such as kiddy, offer to inspect the child seat for defects or damage for an additional charge. This means that you can also buy a used restraint system at a lower price if necessary. in principle, of course, it is advantageous and sensible to keep the baby car seats or child seats, because you never know if you might become a mommy one day. This not only saves you the hassle of buying the same seat twice and saving money, but also ensures that the seat has been well treated.

How to ship a child seat& wrap

if your sweet princess or little prince is getting too big for the seat, feel free to go for a simple booster seat and sell your old child seat online if it is still in top condition. When shipping the child seat, you can simply use bubble wrap, which is perfect for safe shipping. In addition, these films are a great toy for the little ones ;).

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