The first car: who invented it and what did it look like??

What was the first modern car and who invented it?? most of you probably know that carl benz had a hand in this, but even before benz there were several attempts to develop a train or passenger vehicle that could do without horses and rails. In this guide, we will show you how to build your first "car", the history around it and more.

Laying the foundation for the "modern automobile carl benz set the pace in 1886 with his benz patent motorcar number 1. But even as early as 1769, nicholas cugnot’s fardier was the first attempt at constructing a steam-powered car. And the first electric vehicle by gustave trouve was also presented in 1881, before the historical breakthrough of the modern car.

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the first car: the benz patent motorcar number 1

The benz patent motorcar number 1 remains the first practical motorcar, which is considered the birth of the modern automobile with an internal combustion engine. From today’s point of view, the three-wheeled vehicle rather reminds of a mixture of a motorized bicycle and a carriage.

Alt="the first car benz patent-motorwagen 1 aronagust" width="620" height="" /> the benz patent motor car 1 // source: aronagust

the patent motorcar number 1 had a water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which was installed horizontally in the rear. Altogether the construction weighed only 265 kg and brought with its 0.75 HP (551 W) with 400/min a maximum speed of 16 km/h. The engine with a displacement of 954 cm³ consumes about 10 liters of gasoline per 100 km.

The first test drives took place under secrecy 1885 at the farbikhof instead of. On 29. January 1886 carl benz then registers the car with the reichspatentamt for a patent. On 3. July saw the first documented outing in the ringstrasse in mannheim. eugen benz’s son ran alongside the vehicle with a bottle of gasoline so that he could top up if necessary.

What was before the first car?

As mentioned above, there were already some attempts to develop a vehicle that could drive over roads and paths and thus either pull heavy loads or transport people.

The first idea of such a danger is- how could it be otherwise- again attributed to the early modern polymath: leonardo da vinci. He described on sheet 812 of his "codice atlantico" already ca. 1495 a three-wheeled vehicle that was to be powered by a wind-up clock motor.

Alt="fardier of cugnot // source:" width="300" height="" /> fardier von cugnot // source: thesupermat

The french nicholas cugnot developed 1769 den fardier, an artellerie tractor. this steam cheek is said to have been designed to transport cannons. However, the vehicle, which was powered by a steam engine, was said to be extremely difficult to steer, which is why cugnot put the heaving steam car in front of a wall during a demonstration in 1771, thus causing the first "car accident" in the history is supposed to have caused.

Alt="the first auto trouve tricycle" height="" /> by the way, the first recognized electric vehicle was the trouve tricycle the french inventor, electrical engineer and chemist gustave trouve. He used a three-wheeled bicycle on which he mounted modified siemens motors under the axle and drove the large left wheel by means of a chain. Trouve already introduced his electric tricycle 1881, so five years before the benz patent-motorwagen 1 before.

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