The free second dentist opinion

The free second dentist opinion

The second
Dental opinion

That is why it is important

Therefore a second dentist opinion

Treatment is planned and you have received a healing and cost plan, an initial dentist’s opinion. Now do the costs for you seem too high? Or can’t you judge whether the plan is overpriced? You’re right. It is better to be on the safe side before signing anything.

In Germany there are big differences in dental treatment costs. With MediKompass you can quickly get one second dentist opinion seek. You transfer the data from your treatment and cost plan and receive offers from top-rated dentists in your area. This service is free of charge!

Consumer associations advise to be vigilant

Consumer associations and health insurance companies advise patients that larger and more expensive dental treatments should not rely on them first dentist opinion to leave but one second dentist opinion catch up. Especially in the field of dentures, there are often a variety of alternative care options – it is therefore worthwhile for patients to confirm the care recommended by the dentist through another dentist or to find out more alternative care options.

  1. Dentists have leeway in pricing their fees
  2. more expensive laboratory costs can be reduced

Price differences arise on the one hand from a so-called "multiplication factor", that dentists can use when calculating prices, and on the other hand through extreme price differences in laboratory work. Experience shows that legally insured patients can drastically reduce the additional payments through a second dentist opinion and sometimes even no longer have to make any additional payments.

Immediately to a second dentist?

After you have received your medical and cost plan or private estimate, the question arises how you can do this first dentist opinion judge. If you want to be sure about the costs, which we recommend, then look for a second dental opinion.

There are two ways to get a second opinion from the dentist:

1) You make an appointment with another dentist and have a new plan drawn up. Then compare the plans and don’t even know if the same thing is there. It takes time, it costs money, it is also uncomfortable for many patients and, on top of that, it is impractical.

2) You post your existing medical and cost plan anonymously and free of charge. As part of a non-binding price comparison, dentists provide alternative cost estimates or second dentist opinions for the treatment you are planning. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to go to a new dentist.

Experience clearly shows that one second dentist opinion can help you get a potentially better treatment at a cheaper price.

Simply get a second dentist opinion online

That’s why there is not just one on MedikompassDE Dentist second opinion, but also ratings. Only patients who have been treated by a dentist can evaluate them with us. This has the advantage that these doctor ratings are linked to specific treatments. So you can find out in advance which of the dentists who made you an offer are particularly good for the treatment in question "perform".

Proven service since 2006: Free, anoynm & independently

In the meantime, around 10,000 patients already have one second dentist opinion have caught up with their new dentist. These testimonials are a valuable aid when looking for a new dentist.

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