Dentalace: finding a dentist made easy – with a fixed price guarantee!

Dentalace: Finding a dentist made easy - with a fixed price guarantee!


Dental Ace saves time and money

fixed price guarantee

Whether at checkout or privately: You indicate what the treatment may cost.

direct Contact

No mediation: you are in direct contact with your dentist.

Your date

Available at any time: choose the optimal dentist appointment and book online now.


Health is a matter of trust: only real patients can write reviews.

Thats how it works

Register for free

Registering is child’s play. Quick and easy & free.

Find a dentist

Write to any number of dentists directly with your specifications – dental problem, desired date and price range.

Choose a dentist

You choose your new dentist from among all the invitations and make your desired appointment.

Rate dentist

Tooth well, all well: how did it go? Share your experience and write a review.

Search from the dentist and find a dentist.

Our story – how it all started

The weather is wonderful, the work is going well. People feel ready to conquer the world – but suddenly a sharp pain runs through the beautiful life. The toothache is pounding mercilessly. Ouch! It takes a dentist appointment, right away! The fastest and best treatment without the risk of a cost explosion.

Who does this setting not seem familiar to? Emil felt the same way when he woke up in the morning with a throbbing jaw. (All four wisdom teeth were retained, had to be removed surgically.

What Emil went through afterwards, not an isolated case: numerous phone calls, various cost estimates, no free appointments. After almost a whole month (.) Of unsuccessful attempts to find the best dentist in Vienna, Emil resignedly started the therapeutic “escape” abroad.

Back in Vienna and ready for action again, the thing was clear: the scenario must and can run better for others. Et voilá – Dental Ace was born!

Dental Ace – revolution in dentist search
  • Register easily and free of charge.
  • Find the best new dentist quickly and contact them directly.
  • Absolute price security without a quote.
  • Simply book a dentist appointment online and receive an invitation for treatment from the doctor.
  • Clever search for individual treatment.
  • 100 percent reliable rating system.
  • Online meeting point for patients and dentists.

User reviews

My tooth started to hurt unexpectedly and I had to go to the dentist immediately. So I quickly booked an appointment online for the next day in the DentalAce portal. When booking I was able to describe my problem in detail and so the doctor had already prepared everything when I came into the practice. The appointment went smoothly and my tooth is fine again. Super Service!

My first experience with online appointment booking was almost surprisingly easy and 100% successful thanks to DentalAce. The website is very intuitive, communication with dentists is quick and direct – a highly recommended system and definitely my future alternative to “dental care tourism” abroad.

I was overdue for a visit to the dentist a few months ago. On the recommendation of a friend, I registered with DentalAce and booked an appointment online for a routine check-up with a dentist. Went quickly and comfortably. We recommend.

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