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Soccer cup

Many boys, but also girls, would like to celebrate a football themed children’s birthday at some point. Of course, preparation is also one of the most important things here so that this theme party really succeeds. On the one hand, you should be clear where to celebrate at all. Only on the sports field?

But what if the weather doesn’t play along? Alternatively, you can also celebrate the children’s birthday in a special soccer hall, or you can just go to a soccer field from home with the birthday party. Depending on where you are celebrating, the decoration should also turn out. But before you start decorating, you first have to write the soccer invitations.

There are countless possibilities of such a football here theme party Create invitation. They just buy really fast. Handicraft enthusiasts, on the other hand, can choose from countless handicraft templates on the subject of football. There you will find many different soccer motifs and designs.

But there are also plenty of unusual ideas and a home-made goal wall gets you don’t guarantee all days as a birthday guest. However, creating a personalized soccer themed invitation card with a picture of the birthday child is a completely different idea. Once the cards have been sent, you should think about the decoration for the football party.


A real football birthday naturally also needs a football cake. There are round baking tins to buy here, with which even inexperienced bakers can bake a great soccer cake or soccer muffins. A black, red and gold football cake made from delicious berries is sure to be well received by the children and looks really good.

Games and handicrafts:

A football children’s birthday party naturally also includes games. The most obvious thing is a soccer game with two teams. But other football party games should also be in store. For example, you could do a soccer goal wall shooting, goal shooting or slalom run. The imagination knows no limits.

Disguise and costume:

The children do not have to dress up much for the football birthday. A jersey is then very quickly self-made. All you need is a T-shirt marker and a white shirt that can be bought for little money.

Possibly a few logo templates from the favorite clubs and the kids can paint their favorite soccer team symbol. Shirt number and name on it and the new star player is ready to play football. You could also put together a trophy, which will then be given to the winning team.

Prizes and winnings:

Of course, the birthday guests can take their self-painted t-shirt home with them as a prize. But other football giveaways are also very useful.

For example, you can buy great medals for a few euros or you can choose something from the huge range of football giveaways.


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