These 3 sim cards are free for children

These 3 SIM cards are free for children

Permanent accessibility and the slow introduction to the digital world of smartphones play an important role in childhood today. The free SIM card for children is the right choice for this and is provided by major, well-known mobile phone providers.

In this article we give parents 3 tips for their finances, how to order a free SIM card for your child. .

Tip 1: CallYa free ticket from Vodafone

The Vodafone CallYa free ticket is for children the right choice. Both ordering and delivery are completely free and allow you to start your smartphone free of charge. You benefit from a high-performance Vodafone mobile network (D2 network) of the best quality, direct LTE access and extensive options for booking suitable tariffs.

The advantages of the Vodafone free card with CallYa tariff:

  • can be ordered free of charge for children
  • 4G LTE Internet option bookable
  • Max. 500 Mbit / s LTE speed
  • 9 cents per minute / SMS in all German networks
  • Vodafone’s D2 network

Also a use of the SIM card with no monthly costs is possible in the basic tariff, nonetheless permanent availability is guaranteed. The card can of course also be used within Europe without any additional costs.

Tip 2: The o2 free ticket from Telefonica with 1 euro starting credit

Also the free o2 free ticket is the right variant for a safe and inexpensive entry into the world of mobile communications. Parents can order the SIM card for their children free of charge on the Internet .

Again, there are no costs for the card or for delivery and activation. The free basic tariff only costs nine cents per minute per text message, and surfing the Internet is also possible for 99 cents per day.

The advantages of the o2 free ticket:

  • can be ordered free of charge for children
  • 9 cents per minute / SMS in all German networks
  • 50 free minutes for free with the first recharge
  • o2 network
  • Daily internet flat rate from 99 cents per day

Alternatively, smartphone tariffs are available, from a price of 9.99 euros per month, these can be booked flexibly and, of course, canceled flexibly. Access to the LTE network, full price control and EU roaming are always included with these tariffs.

Our tip:
➨ Here you can find more free prepaid cards from Vodafone, o2, Telekom and many more compared to

Tip 3: netzclub mobile phone card – ad-financed prepaid tariff with 100 MB internet flat rate

Not only the SIM card, but also the use is with you netzclub mobile phone card completely free. The "Sponsored Surf Basic" tariff provides a monthly data volume of 100 megabytes. For 9 cents per minute or SMS, further use is also possible without problems.

The advantages of the netzclub SIM card:

  • can be ordered free of charge for children
  • Free 100 MB internet flat rate every month
  • 9 cents per minute / SMS in all German networks
  • No contract

If required, the SIM card also allows you to book additional tariffs and options if, for example, more data volume is required per month. Thanks to the practical triple SIM, the right format is available for every smartphone; the card logs into the German Telefonica network after successful registration.

The maximum available performance is available here, and use of the LTE network is also possible if it is available.

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