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In this article, we will give you tips on how to lower fever in children. Children often have a fever because their bodies have to fight a variety of pathogens to produce antibodies that adults already have.

Fever leads to an elevated body temperature, which is the natural response to certain diseases or infections. In this article, we will give you tips on how to lower fever in children.

A thermometer can be used to determine whether someone has a fever. When the temperature is around 38 ° C, it is higher than normal. In this case, you should try to lower your child’s fever as soon as possible.

Of course, if your child shows any of the following symptoms, you should with your child go to the doctor:

  • Cough or expectoration
  • Vomiting or diarrhea, or on the contrary, no urination or constipation.
  • Pale skin
  • inertia
  • skin rash
  • anorexia

Lowering fever in children

Here are some tools to help lower fever in children:

A lukewarm bath

You can lower your body temperature give your child a warm bath. Fill the bathtub with water that is 37 ° C warm. So the child is in water, which corresponds to the temperature of his normal body temperature.

Ideally, the child stays in the bathroom until the water gradually cools down and the child cools down and relaxes.

Cool your forehead, neck, legs and hands

It is recommended to use a damp cloth or at room temperature to make wet wraps. Apply it on the forehead, hands, legs and neck.

This way you can lower the temperature without having to bathe the child if they are too tired and do not want to move. Wraps are a very good option even in winter.

When the wraps warm up, you should wet them again and put them back on. You can repeat this until you see on the thermometer that your child’s fever has decreased.

Create the right room temperature

So that it doesn’t get too cold or too hot, you should adjust the temperature in your child’s room. It is also advisable to ventilate the room well, as fresh air works wonders.

If it’s dinner time and you’re using air conditioning or a fan, be careful not to expose the child directly to the airflow. It should sit farther away and feel the slightest breeze.

Take off clothes

To keep the fever from rising, you need to lower your child’s body temperature. In winter it is ideal to do a shift dress undress and make sure the surroundings are as cool as possible in summer.

Another option is to take off the child’s shoes and leave their feet in the air.

When it’s very hot outside, try to get your feet in contact with a cold surface. Be it the floor, a wet cloth or a bowl of water – depending on how old the child is and what is most comfortable.

Avoid dehydration

If you have a fever, your child will sweat and lose appetite, so you have to try to keep it hydrated.

To lower fever in children, it is generally recommended to drink plenty of fluids. For example, are suitable for this Water, juice or a warm soup in winter.

rest and relaxation

The best therapy for lowering fever Children ultimately rest and relaxation. Many children are tired of fever and do not feel like playing.

But there are also others who are not aware of their body temperature when they have a fever and therefore play and romp as usual.

It is advisable to keep them calm and to undertake less strenuous activities, such as. watch a movie or read a book.

If the child is less than 3 months old, you need to take them to the doctor as soon as possible and not wait for the fever to go away on its own.

And remember …

Fever indicates an illness and for these, the doctor must make a diagnosis so that treatment can be carried out.

You should never treat your child medically without medical advice. Making your own wrong decisions can endanger your child’s health.

If, after implementing these tips, you find that your child’s fever does not go down or even go up, contact your pediatrician immediately.

Also if the fever persists for more than two days, you need to see a doctor.


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