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Every child knows them, everyone likes to play them: fascination with “treasure hunt” and “scavenger hunt”. The minor differences often blur because both contain clues and a reward. For children, both mean pure tension. Here are a few lyrical words:

No matter whether large or small,
the kids love to be on adventure.
Excitement and thrills on the way,
no matter where it goes.

A treasure hunt can already be described as the perfect child’s play because it is very flexible. The level of difficulty is adjusted through the questions and puzzles. By choosing a specific topic in connection with a small but vivid story, the children can immerse themselves in their fantasy world. Whether pirates, detectives or jungle researchers – there are hundreds of mottoes. The chosen topic is used to link the individual questions, whereby the logic is preserved. Otherwise, the children would run randomly from one puzzle station to another in order to harvest the treasure with mostly sweets at the end.

It is also less fun for the children to simply solve any tasks. It gives the impression of a school lesson than a game. This would immediately remove the motivation, which of course leads to the chaos of a child’s birthday. So the better the puzzles are described to match the motto, the more exciting the scavenger hunt becomes. So the way is the goal again and the children just learn along the way.

5 reasons for the popularity of a treasure hunt

  • experience adventures
  • Independence, without parents
  • little story to the imagination
  • of course the reward at the end
  • to be in an unknown environment

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