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Farm holidays mean special for children great fun. Especially when it is a managed farm. Here city children can gain experience with agriculture and animal husbandry and experience animals up close. You can stroke calves, fetch freshly laid eggs from the hen house, romp in the hay and maybe even learn how to milk!

If your children are happy and satisfied, then the vacation is usually relaxing for you as parents too. Nevertheless, you should also keep an eye on your own needs: if there is a lawn or terrace with deck chairs, you can rent bicycles or even ride a horse?

Not all holiday farms are still managed. Some courtyards are in originally preserved buildings, but it is the only, which reminds of a life in the country. If you are lucky, you will find a yard with a playground for your child or children. Most farms offer self-catering apartments, but there are also farms that offer breakfast or multiple meals.

As a rule, a farm holiday is not exactly a clean affair. Therefore, it is better not to pack the best and latest clothing, but rather to plan "rustic". Bear in mind that laundry that is not worn also takes on the smell of the country air and the cowshed. So if you take too much laundry with you, you have to wash it afterwards. It is clever to have laundry ready for the barn right at the start of the holiday, which is then always put on for these actions. In this way you can reduce unwanted dirt and odors in your apartment.

Before you book

First, think about what you want to do on vacation. Do you really want to take an active part in rural life? Then you should look for a managed farm. Find out which animals are kept there and what you can (do) do as holiday guests on the farm.

Many farms have chickens, mostly a dog, a few cats, and maybe rabbits. Cows are also common, occasionally a pig, a horse or a few sheep. Large farms often only keep cows and many of them. Everything is done mechanically here. Usually are the Feeding times in the morning and evening. Maybe your children can help with the daily farm work. Check all of this before you book.

Also research the accommodation. In some farms, it is customary for holiday guests to live in the converted servant accommodation so as not to be disturbed there. Unfortunately for the children, they are often not in the immediate vicinity of the main courtyard.


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