Wadden migration at the North Sea

A walk on the Wattboden – a special highlight in a North Sea holiday

A walk on the seabed

The Wadden Sea at the North Sea seems a little lifeless and barren to the untrained eye at first glance. Don’t be fooled. The World Heritage Site has a fascinating fauna and flora. The animals in the mud flats can only be seen at second glance, preferably with a certified guide on a hike. Wadden worms produce their unmistakable heaps, crustaceans sneak past sideways, the wadden snails can be heard crackling everywhere and the birds show their flight shows. Not only the animals in the Wadden Sea are impressive, but also the undisturbed view into the endless vastness. An endless horizon leaves free space for thoughts. The wind allows you to breathe deeply and the tranquillity of nature invites you to relax.

Watt – Fascinating hiking with potential for discovery

Children and adults can discover a completely new world during a mudflat tour: the mudflats become a jungle full of life; salt marshes, tideways and beaches become an experimental zone for the forces of nature. Visitors can also experience the Wadden Sea live on a horse-drawn carriage ride in the Wadden Sea to the Hallig South Falls or on a boat trip to the World Heritage Site. Special experience journeys are accompanied by the national park rangers, who catch crabs, starfish and many other sea creatures. They are vividly presented in an aquarium and finally released again.

Hiking trails in the North Sea

Each guided mudflat hike is a highlight in your North Sea holiday. The trips to a destination with a piece of cake and a cup of coffee after an exciting hike are particularly fun. The Halligen Süderoog, Südfall, Oland, Langeneß, Gröde and Nordstrandischmoor can be visited barefoot over the seabed. The island of Föhr is also within walking distance. Between the two islands of Amrum and Föhr, certified mudflat guides guide guests across the seabed. A trip to the sandbanks Japsand and Blauort is also very worthwhile.

Safe by the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea

Packing list mudflat hike

  • Small backpack
  • Wind-/Rainjacket
  • Sun cream/Sun hat/Sun glasses
  • towel
  • Drinks/Proviant
  • camera
  • Especially with children think of change things
  • In cold weather choose warm outerwear
  • In summer the wadden can be conquered barefoot
  • In winter or if you have health concerns, linen shoes, “beachies” socks with soft silicone soles or tight rubber boots are recommended.

Caution in the Wadden Sea

Please note:

Never go deep into the Wadden Sea alone. Tideways can quickly run full of water and cut off the way back. It can emerge out of nowhere and make orientation impossible without a compass. Certified mudflat guides know the Wadden Sea very well and are equipped for all eventualities to bring you safely back to the mainland.

© Carlos Arias Enciso BLOG – Once Hallig and back.

Ge(h)zeiten – Once Hallig and back.

17.07.2014 – Daniel Meyer

Walk across the seabed to Hallig Oland – a great experience!

© Frank Ignatius BLOG – Huge Wadden Hike

The huge national park mudflat hike

24.06.2016 – Alina Claussen

Island hopping extreme! On foot 18 kilometers across the mud flats to 2 islands and a Hallig. That’s only possible during the huge national park mudflat hike.

© NTS BLOG – Wadden migration Hooge – Pellworm

On foot from Hallig Hooge to Pellworm

18.07.2017 – Sarah Rothmund

Out of the office, into the mud flats: our company outing with a walk in the mud flats

© Ann-Kathrin Meyerhof BLOG – The world hasn’t seen it yet

The world hasn’t seen that yet.

08.12.2016 – Painted basement

On the way to the Advent devotion on Hallig Oland

Wadden hiking on the seabed

All mudflat hikes of the North Sea coast and other nature events at a glance

Guide to the mud flats for groups

Experiencing the Wadden Sea on a Wadden Sea hike in a group or on a class trip is a very special experience. Here are all groups Wadden Sea and tour guides at a glance

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Find the perfect accommodation for your North Sea holiday.

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