What is parental control?

The media has taken on a life of its own. On a daily basis, society is bombarded with countless media messages trying to entertain, inform, or persuade you to either do or buy something. However, not all media are news for everyone. In fact, some media news for kids are a bit too grown up. So that a parent can make sure that not her child If information is used that is not mature enough, the parent media needs to manage messages that come into the house. Parental controls are one way to do just that.


Parental controls can restrict parents to certain information seen on a computer and a television. Parental control on the computer allows a parent to restrict certain websites, games, words, and even the amount of time a child can spend on the computer. Parental control is much like a baby-sitter for parents when they are not free to monitor what their children are doing online.


There are numerous types of parental control programs that are on your computer free can be downloaded. However, most computer systems are already equipped with parental controls on them. Every computer is different, but the parental control setup is very similar. (For directions on how to set up parental controls, see Resources.)


Parental controls can restrict certain websites if they are not "age-appropriate." For example, if your child tried to access a website that had certain adult content (e.g. pornography, violence, drug use, language), visiting the website was restricted. Remember, however; It is up to you to block certain content when you configure your parental settings.

Think of human errors

Parents can pretty much look at print media and determine if it’s child-friendly. TV programs have also had ratings since 1997. However, keeping kids safe online is an ongoing struggle since websites don’t have age-appropriate sign bookings. Parents restrict websites by certain content, language, violence, etc. This type of management however, leaves a lot of room for human error.

V-chip technology

Any TV that is larger than 13 inches is required to have V-chip technology. V-Chip is a TV chip that understands the television rating system. So, for example, if you want to prevent your child from viewing TV-14 or TV-MA ratings, you can set up your TV to do so. Or on TV, set access to certain programs to enter a password.


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