Winter poems for children

Winter poems – special lyrical lines for winter joys

winter poems, As a special lyrical lines for winter joys, for children and adults, you will find a very clear selection here. Simply print out your winter poem, recite it, or just read it for yourself.

In the often long, dreary winter, we are not only enthusiastic about Christmas poems, but also winter poems. Children and adults alike enjoy rhyming lines about winter. Many beautiful poetry have been inspiring people for many generations. They tell, mostly very richly, about the events around winter. When ice and snow have a firm grip on the outside, they make us think of the glory and the advantages of winter. These winter works make us smile and also think. Many a beautiful winter day is given a special unforgettable magic by a poem.

We have put together a selection of beautiful well-known and lesser-known poems for you, and hope you enjoy reading the beautiful poems winter.

Overview of winter poems

Author: Joseph von Eichendorff – The whole world is covered in snow.

Author: Heinrich Heine – Outside there are white flakes.

The three sparrows

Author: Christian Morgenstern – In an empty hazel bush.

When winter comes

Author: Christian Morgenstern – The lake got a skin.

yearning for spring

Author: Heinrich Hofmann von Fallersleben – Oh how it got cold.

Author: Christian Morgenstern – Embossing flake down for the first time.

Author: Johann Gaudenz von Salis- Seewis – The field is white, so bright and pure.

Author: Christian Morgenstern – The fjord with its islands.

Morning sun in winter

Author: Christian Morgenstern – On the ice-covered panes.

The first snow

Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Güll – Egg, you dear, dear time.

winter night

The whole world is covered in snow,
I have nothing to rejoice in,
the tree stands abandoned in the field,
has long since scattered its leaves.

The wind only goes on a quiet night
and shakes the tree,
then he gently moves his tree top
and talks like in a dream.

He dreams of future spring time,
Of green and spring noise,
Where he is in the new flower dress
There will be a rush to God’s praise.

-Joseph von Eichendorff-

We also need your help. Do you have further ideas and suggestions for suitable ones beautiful short winter poems, or maybe you even wrote one or more yourself? Then we are waiting for your email.

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