“Women's theses are abundantly clear”

Women of Mary 2 initiative.0" © Andre Zelck (KNA)

The Vicar General of the Diocese of Essen, Klaus Pfeffer, has taken up the nationwide theses of the reform movement Maria 2.0 called "sign of great force" shortly before plenary meeting of German bishops.

"The Theses of the Women of Mary 2.0 make it unmistakably clear in their sharpness how much the conflict situation in our church has now come to a head," he said in Essen on Sunday. "This protest must be taken very seriously, because it comes from the middle of our church and speaks from the heart of a broad majority of the faithful."

Theses also on the cathedral door in the Essen diocese

On the weekend before the virtual plenary assembly of German bishops, which begins Monday, the initiative posted its demands for change in the church on church and cathedral doors nationwide. So also in the diocese of Essen.

In her seven theses, Maria 2 calls for.0 including the end of compulsory celibacy, equal access to all ministries and full disclosure of sexual abuse in the church. The theses were also published online and are also available in Latin.

"Even the most faithful of the faithful doubt"

"An ever-increasing number of Catholic faithful in Germany – even the most faithful of the faithful – are no longer willing to support our church unless there are very fundamental changes that eliminate the causes of many sad stories of suffering," Essen's Vicar General Pfeffer said.

At the same time, he appealed to all those involved in the discussion "to treat each other with respect in this difficult phase of our church, even if they have different views".

The 2019 initiative "Mary 2.0" advocates for more participation and rights for women in the Catholic Church. It calls for more equal rights for women and their access to all church offices. The starting point for the actions was Munster.

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