Active holiday and active rest on the North Sea

Active holidays on the North Sea – active recreation is possible here

In addition to the Baltic Sea, the North Sea coast continues to be one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. In 2010, many holiday resorts along the coast and on the islands could point to increasing numbers of tourists. This trend should continue in the current year. For 2011, those responsible expect positive visitor numbers again. In order to meet the new requirements of the tourists, the North Sea starts with numerous offers for active vacationers in the holiday season. In the future, hotels, holiday apartments providers and local tour operators want to work together even more closely and offer holidaymakers plenty of new offers. Very big on the rise is the riding holiday. More and more farms offer holidays on the horse farm and allow exploring the landscapes on the back of the horses. At the same time, the North Sea coast remembers its old traditions. Thus, Norderney will expand its own Thalasso offer.
The new focus of the tourism associations is also on the active holiday, it should be offered to the tourists a wealth of offers for this form of holiday. The holiday resorts on the North Sea want to take even more of the trend towards sustainability and more variety. For example, the trails were modernized and expanded to further establish hiking on the North Sea. It should be more comfortable for tourists who are planning a stay on Sylt. In order to save your energy for an active holiday, you can already look forward to numerous new air connections from spring, which will be implemented by several German airports. On Heligoland the offer of the ferry service is to be extended. Thus, with the Fair Lady, an already known ship is sent back to Heligoland traffic.

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