The liability insurance for the horse owner

Horse liability insurance


When it comes to horse and horse owner insurance, there are many things to keep in mind

1. advance

Privately, as well as in the commercial sector, the handling of horses involves many risks. Not all, but some of these dangers are insurable through the horse insurance. Performance overlaps in horse insurance are very common due to the extensive offers of insurers. The case law on horse husbandry is extremely complex.

2. Structure of the horse insurance

The horse insurance is divided into various sub-divisions. In addition to the classic Horse owners liability insurance there are u.a. the Horse keepers liability insurance, the Horse owners legal expenses insurance, the Horse health and many more horse insurance. All those involved with horses require a basic knowledge of the types of insurance in question and a sufficient knowledge of the conceptual provisions of the horse insurance to achieve a proper and sufficient risk cover. Horse insurance covers many different areas of law.

3. Horse insurance: luxury animal or livestock

This also depends on the extent of liability of the horse insurance. Since most horse owners do not keep their animals out of hobby for commercial reasons, horses are legally regarded as so-called luxury animals. Unlike livestock, on which the owner relies on his livelihood (commercial use), the horse owner is fully liable regardless of fault for damage caused by the animal here. A horse liability is therefore indispensable for all horse owners. These can also be found under the name horse owner liability insurance.

4. Notes and explanations

The following information and explanations can not be conclusive due to the complex issue of horse insurance and the constantly changing legal situation.

Persons around the horse and their liability:

The horse owner (is also the horse owner) always needs a horse liability insurance, especially the horse holder liability insurance – He is liable regardless of fault, if the damage caused by horse-typical behavior.

4.1. for horse owners

The horse owner determines the whereabouts, cares and feeds, uses the value of the animal for himself. The horse owner is liable for damage caused by a horse-typical behavior, regardless of fault.

4.1.1. Liability of the horse owner

The horse liability insurance covers the damage of third parties, but not their own. If the horse owner is injured by his horse, he receives no benefits from the horse liability insurance. If necessary, your own health and / or accident insurance must take over. Accident insurance is extremely important for every rider. Personal injury in equestrian sports are very common and are often not only costly, but also accompanied by ongoing consequential damage / disability.

4.1.2. Liability of the stable owner / stable operator / guardian

The stable owner is also liable for busy temporary helpers and carers (vicarious agents). Damage to pension horses themselves are i.d.R. not insured. Here then helps only separately to be taken out insurance / liability insurance on. In court, a pension custody agreement (as a form contract), which contained a disclaimer of liability, except for intent and gross negligence, was considered an inadmissible general business condition.

In addition to the private liability insurance, the horse insurance – horse liability is the most important livestock insurance, as in the case of damage that the horse causes a third party (personal injury, property or financial loss), the horse owner with all his present and future assets for the damage caused by the horse liable.

The sums insured in the horse insurance should be quite high, since experience has shown that the damage (property and personal injury) can be considerable. Horse liability can include a variety of modular risks, such as participating in tournaments, riding riders, and the unwanted deck act.

Some providers grant horse-shoe discounts on the second horse.

The non-commercial, short-term care of your own horse by another person, as well as other riders (but not with all providers!) Is also insured in the horse insurance, as the horse owner is liable in the first place. Short-term stays abroad in Europe are insured for a variety of periods by most horse-drawn-horse providers and by individual liability insurance providers worldwide. In the rates of the horse liability insurance normal riding horses are insured in private ownership.

4.2. for horsekeepers / horse overseers

A Horsekeeper / Horse Overseer acts on behalf of the horse owner. The horsekeeper liability insurance is always necessary at e.g. Horses of other owners in their own stable.

4.3. for freelance riding instructors

The § 823 BGB governs the liability of the freelance riding instructor (riding teacher liability insurance). As a result, he is personally liable for damages incurred during riding lessons due to his negligence.

4.4. for employed riding instructors

A riding instructor liability insurance is necessary. The hired instructor is usually insured by the employer. Here you should make sure again.

4.5. for riding students

Riding students are covered by the school horse insurance (commercial use = commercial insurance) of the operator.

4.6. for foreign / guest riders

Foreign / guest riders are persons who do not regularly deal with the horse, this not regular horseback riding and also no consideration (ie free riding) provide.

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