Liability insurance provider

Liability insurance provider

The liability insurance is the most popular insurance of Germans. That’s right, because it’s one of the most important insurance benefits to protect your financial existence. More than 45 million Germans are protected by a private liability against the risks of property damage, personal injury and property damage. If you still belong to the smaller group without liability insurance, or want to change your liability rate you are right with us. We have for you the main liability insurance provider in our Personal liability comparison clearly presented for selection. Current information on the test winners can be found in the Private Liability Insurance Test 2017.

Liability insurance provider, your way to a clear view!

Because the private liability insurance so popular Of course, there are also many suppliers selling this product on the German market. Not only the large composite insurers like the Allianz, ERGO and Generali have a liability insurance in their assortment. There is also a lot many small liability providers, those with individual and special coverage concepts points. It is only important that they also recognize and find the tailor-made offer for you.

So you find among the variety of liability providers the right one for you

The number of Provider of liability insurance is more than 140 insurers. How can you now find the right tariff for your living situation from this multitude of offers? It’s best to simply follow the steps below and limit your personal needs:

> What liability insurance do you need?

  • Single tariff
  • Family liability insurance
  • Children who are unable to act
  • Dogs liability
  • Horses liability
  • House and landowners liability
  • Waters damage liability insurance
  • Hunting liability insurance
  • Boat liability

If the risks, they have to stock up on their liability insurance providers are clear, are there still the Determination of benefits, they in their liability insurance insured and want to have included:

Are you a tenant and need the additional service Mietsachschäden?

• Like to help friends and therefore should complacency damage to secure?

• Are you temporarily temporarily in the foreign countries and want there too Liability Protection enjoy?

• Is their life changing rapidly and therefore it is a good one pension insurance necessary?

As soon as all framework conditions are clear, it is only valid the right sum insured to determine. Here we recommend one flat-rate coverage of € 10 million for persons and property damage. Only then can also expensive personal injury with the following pension payment obligations really covered by the liability insurance.

We give you a brief overview of the most important providers who have all been awarded a very good mark in the Liability Insurance Test by FINANZtest and also show the corresponding quality rating. Source: FINANCIAL Test Issue 12/2014; Rates have changed and are for assessment only!

providers coverage annual Fee quality judgment
Interrisk XXL 50 million. 96, – € VERY GOOD (0.7)
Helvetia 50 million. 114, – € VERY GOOD (0.7)
Liability insurance Darmstadt 50 million. 117, – € VERY GOOD (0.8)
Gothaer 50 million. 144, – € VERY GOOD (0.8)
HUK 24 50 million. 79, – € VERY GOOD (0.9)
VHV Klassik Garant 50 million. 94, – € VERY GOOD (0.9)
Janitos Best Selection 20 million. 158, – € VERY GOOD (0.9)
Old Leipzig comfort 20 million. 159, – € VERY GOOD (0.9)
Ammerländer Excellent 15 million. 125, – € VERY GOOD (1.0)
Alliance Security Best 30 million. 177, – € VERY GOOD (1.0)

These providers find the insured particularly fair:

Liability insurance enjoy among the insured one good reputation. Customers rate theirs Liability insurance provider consistently excellent or very good. in the Test by Focus Money Customers were asked to rate their provider. In total, more than 3000 responses were evaluated for the so-called fairness category. The positive basic tenor “Three quarters of all respondents would recommend their suppliers and friends acquaintances”.

providers rating
AachenMünchener very well
alliance very well
CosmosDirekt very well
Continentale very well
HUK24 very well
HUK Coburg very well
LVM very well
VHV very well
Württembergische very well

These providers can call themselves the fairest private liability insurer according to the testers. “Good” from the customers’ point of view are also AXA, Debeka, Liability Insurance Darmstadt, R + V, Insurance Chamber Bavaria and Westfälische Provinzial.

Our private liability comparison shows the following providers

Of course not everyone wants to Liability insurance provider to make a comparison, that ‘s why we are talking about 40 suppliers from Germany in our comparison concentrated and evaluated and compared these in detail. We believe that even this selection is already very extensive and we have made sure that they are the test winners from the reviews of Finanztest, Ökotest and Franke & Bornberg Focus Money can also be found in our private liability comparison.

All these tests have shown that, depending on the perspective, almost all providers of private liability insurance are still relatively even. she differ really only in nuances in services and additional services. The ranking usually decides only the grade in the second place behind the decimal point.

This is our recommendation compared to providers of liability insurance

Search your own point of view for the evaluation of Liability provider. Each test sets a different focus. For example, FINANZtest has the requirements for the Baseline protection laid a foundation that many providers meet, but some do not. Therefore, the 40+ rated vendors were all rated with a score of between 1.0 and 1.9. Worse than 1.9, no vendor has been rated. This is because all of them had to meet the requirements of basic protection in order to become part of FINANZtest at all.

Other tests do that Price-performance ratio in the center and then focus on the annual Plan, the Post costs and the corresponding benefits and coverage amounts. In our comparison, as we are used to from online comparisons in the virtual world, we naturally also provide the Price performance in the foreground and sort our presentation according to price increasing annual rates. You can look in detail all the services to the respective liability insurance provider and so very quickly find the appropriate personal liability insurance plan for you.

Please do not rely on any tests alone, they have read! Your personal life situation is always individual and can not be covered by a test in general. If you are still unsure in our comparison calculator, we will gladly advise you personally. Please use our contact form. We’ll get back to you!

Another note in own thing. We are happy to answer questions and answers Personal Liability, If you are looking for a motor vehicle liability, we must refer you further. In our rate calculator you will also find only rates of personal liability.

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