Training motor vehicle technician bmw coleshill

Training motor vehicle technician bmw coleshill


Job Description


About Us
One of the most important factors in keeping BMW Group at the forefront of the automotive industry is its customer satisfaction. This is where you could play a part. The start of customer satisfaction is the right people and offer outstanding training, together with continual personal development.

We are currently seeking apprentices to join us in August, 2019. The successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with one of the world’s most prestigious, innovative and technologically advanced car manufacturers and a major international company that is proud of its investment in people.

Job Overview
BMW Hams Hall is a modern, high volume and complex automotive engine manufacturing site.

The training given during your apprenticeship covers the study of state of the art automotive technology, as well as the latest innovations in manufacturing techniques which are constantly developing in line with new emerging technologies, including: Electrical Control, PLC systems & Robots automation, Integrated Process Planning, IT & Data base system, Quality Control and Production Validation.

You will need to know the physical dexterity to carry out the work with small components and the mental ability to handle.

As it comes to being apprentices, it’s as much about attitude and behavior as it is about vocational and academic success. That’s why in addition to the qualifications we require from you, we’ll look for you to have a range of skills, attributes and behaviors. These include: teamworking, as well as the ability to work without close supervision; quality focus; good communication skills; showing enthusiasm and initiative; and responsibility for your work

This training takes place at Plant Hams Hall and a local college

Apprenticeship programs & Career Development
BMW offers an advanced level 6 degree apprenticeship in comparison to others in the industry. The four year program is designed to enable you to experience different aspects of engineering and production technology including: robotics, control systems, machine ng, fluid power, electronics, systems control and many more.

BTEC NC, you want to undertake a practical based engineering program which covers core engineering skills as well as milling and turning, hand skills, electrical and electronic circuits and control and fluid power, PLC ‘s etc.

Following this you will undertake competency-based training while working on a job and start your degree program.

Engineering technicians wants to complete a broad spectrum of placements throughout the UK.

Placements cover many aspects of the business search as:

  • Complete manufacturing analysis.
  • Supplier liaison / problem solving.
  • Siemens PLC with automation
  • Robotic facilities.
  • Manufacturing process and facility planning (both electrical and mechanical).
  • Software integration.
  • Metrology – computer aided measurement and analysis of manufacturing facilities.
  • Supply and vehicle build planning (Logistics).
  • Launch planning / control manufacturing system interfaces.

The placements give you the chance to enjoy the business as a whole. You want to take advantage of the benefits of working for a world-class global automotive manufacturer, networking with people of different nationalities and to put theory directly into practice.

As well as developing your specialist technical knowledge you will be expected to successfully complete your degree in engineering.

BMW Group is responsible for the development of higher education programs.

A BMW Apprenticeship offers multiple career choices and enables you to make the most of your abilities.

  • A minimum of 5 GCSE’s (or equivalent) at level 6 / B (or above) including Maths and English.
  • A minimum of 2 A levels (or equivalent) at grade C (or above) or a BTEC level 3 (60 credits plus) or equivalent in a relevant Engineering or Technology discipline.

Career Opportunities:
Your career with BMW Group is designed to meet individual aspirations and the business needs of an internationally recognised company. You start on a business awareness program followed by career focused training in the relevant departments. Opportunities for higher education are available, based on pre-qualifications, personal performance, attitude and business needs.

  • A competitive salary increases to about £ 25,000 over the program each year.
  • 18 years and over, plus other benefits including on-site gym, pension scheme, generous holiday allowance and a subsidized on-site restaurant.

Working Hours:
39 hour working week, start and finish times will vary according to work based placements and college hours.

Additional information:
Closing date for applications – Wednesday 13th March 2019.

Please be aware that we have complete rolling recruitment. As such, those candidates have made an early application and have successfully enrolled in the recruitment process to be invited to the first assessment center on Thursday 21st March 2019.

Please note: As part of your application you will be asked to upload specific documents. If you do not want to improve your application, do not be progressed.

Qualifications and experience
As part of your application you will need to upload a copy of your recent recent school report * and a CV. If you do not have a school report then please upload to CV and to employer reference. If you do not have an employer reference then please upload a CV and a personal statement.

* If you are currently studying you must upload a school / college report. Failure to attach the above wants to be able to progress with your application.

BMW – Control Technician Apprenticeship
Legal entity: BMW Hams Hall Motoren GmbH
Location: Hams Hall
Job ID: 1900003V

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