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Private liability insurance students

What special rules apply to students in private liability insurance?

A liability insurance for students is particularly important, because the study is usually the first stop after the children have left home.

It is a misconception that you are automatically insured during your studies in the family liability insurance of your parents. This error can be very expensive if a legitimate claim for compensation diminishes the meager study fees even more and also consumes the further earnings after studying for a lifetime.

Therefore, a liability insurance is so important for students. She takes over:

• The clarification of liability

• The rejection of unjustified claims for damages

• The reimbursement of costs for justified claims for damages

With the Liability insurance students Although you can not always avoid personal injury, property damage and property damage, but keep the financial impact within a manageable framework. So you can work as a student concentrated for your studies, without having to serve a legitimate claim for damages with various part-time jobs.

Students are often covered by their parents’ liability insurance

If students have prospective parents, the family has a family liability insurance in which the children are insured. For children who are in vocational training or study, the protection of this family liability insurance, however, applies only in the following cases:

Basic rule: always only the first! The first education, the first degree!

• Family liability insurance for students exists only if it is a first time study directly after school.

• Initial education is also covered by family responsibilities.

• If you are doing your apprenticeship and then have a degree you are also insured

Please note:

Students are best co-insured with their primary residence, but at least with their second home still registered with the parents in order to benefit from benefits in the family liability insurance.

• In most cases, a maximum age of 25 years is a prerequisite for the protection of family liability insurance.

• A study after a social year or the Federal Voluntary Service is also insured in the liability insurance.

• If students are initially unemployed after completing their studies, since they can not find a job, they are also insured with their parents.

If one or more points are awarded to you, you can benefit from the co-insurance in the family liability. Of course only if their parents have also taken out a family liability insurance. If this is not the case, they must immediately take care of their own liability protection for students. Best then check the singletons in our liability insurance comparison.

In these cases, protection by family liability does not apply:

• Start of a second degree course (Those who change their course of study and change their subject is still considered a first-year undergraduate)

• Termination of apprenticeship and start of a second apprenticeship.

• Trainee or doctoral periods after graduation

Before you join the coinsurance in the Family liability of their parents In any case, you should check whether this long-term liability insurance is also up-to-date with the coverage amounts and additional benefits included. Otherwise you may be covered, but the services you enjoy are totally inadequate not up to date anymore are.

We have listed for you in a clear table the possible need for a personal liability insurance for students:

Co-insured family liability Check your own liability Own liability necessary
training No domicile with the parents Occupation after studies
Not married Study with foreign semester Already married
Age under 25 years Unemployment after study Age over 25 years
First degree / waiting time before studies Not by name in Police Own household

Transitional period between end of school and studies

It usually takes a few months until after graduation a degree can be started. Especially in degree programs that require a good numerus clausus, longer waiting times often occur until the beginning of the study. Usually, this waiting period is protected by family liability insurance, but should it take more than a year, please contact your liability insurance and clarify co-insurance.

Advantages of own liability insurance for students

With a private liability insurance without excess they are well protected from financial setbacks by a carelessness in the transmission of the university. For example, if you stumble across the cafeteria, carrying your fellow student’s laptop to the ground, you can pay the £ 1,000 spent on a new Apple MacBook Liability insurance for students Submit.

Many students often travel by bicycle in university towns such as Münster. If they accidentally collide with a pedestrian, the operation of the arm fracture and subsequent rehabilitation can quickly bring together € 10,000, which covers only your liability insurance for students. Otherwise you pay for this damage from your own, narrow bag. If a serious accident occurs and the injured person suffers a life-long disability, you will also have to pay your entire private life for therapy and pension costs for a lifetime.

Important additional services in the liability insurance students

Additional services rental damage

The apartment in the dorm is also a rental apartment and if you fall asleep carelessly in bed after a night of learning with a cigarette, the new construction of the dorm possibly on their cap and their costs.

Amongst students, the move to a new residential community or to another dorm room is almost always with the friendly help of fellow students. Should you be at this complacency performance dropping and damaging a piece of furniture, it is certainly good if your student liability insurance covers this damage.

key loss

Did you gain the trust of the lecturers in your department and, for example, the key to the physics collection in preparation for teaching in your care? Then the additional power key loss helps with the costs that arise when the locks have to be replaced because of the lost key.

stays abroad

Many courses only work successfully with internships and guest stays in European or non-European countries. So that their private liability insurance offers protection for students there too, select the Additional service for stays abroad.

Liability protection during a student internship

At colleges, the theory lessons are always combined with various internships. In itself, this internship is a professional activity. Of course, during this internship, you can accidentally cause one or two damage. Therefore, pay attention to the insurance conditions, which should usually provide liability insurance for up to six months during the internship!

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