Additional services in the liability info

Additional services of private liability insurance

The following optional services can be included in your private liability insurance.

In all our liability rates, you have a good and affordable basic protection. But according to their individual living conditions and family circumstances, one or the other additional benefits are recommended for their liability insurance. We want to show you which additional services can be included in detail to their liability insurance and which special benefit needs these additional elements then cover. We tell you which additional services make sense and what they do:

The services in detail explained quickly and clearly:

key loss

What is the key to the key loss insurance necessary? If foreign keys are lost in your care, that is annoying enough in private life. However, if this happens with office keys (access cards) that have been left to them for business purposes, costs will be unexpectedly high.

Not only must the lost keys be replaced, but in security-sensitive office buildings, the entire locking system may need to be replaced. The company can suffer serious damage if the lost key is misused and one morning all PCs and laptops in the company are missing. The unfortunate key loser can also be held responsible for this financial loss. Therefore, a quick replacement of the locking system is always in your interest.

With a private liability insurance including key loss insurance they are always on the relaxed and safe side.

Important, the additional key loss applies only to the loss of foreign keys, not the loss of their own. Make it count:

• The keys of their landlord

• The office key of their employer

For teachers, the keys to the school doors.

In general, it can not be their own keys for their property, but the key must come from the employer or the landlord of their rental apartment, so that this additional service for them. This is generally the case with liability insurance, as it only pays for damage caused to other persons or property, but not for their own damage.

► The key loss as additional service does not work:

• If you use the lost keys as part of a self-employed activity

• also not if you lose your safe or locker key or even the car key.

For the self-employed offers a hedge by the professional liability insurance. If employees lose the key to the offices of the current client, good professional liability insurance is provided. Also not covered is a consequential damages their key loss, for example, a break in their apartment with the previously found key.

What does the component “key insurance” do??

The costs incurred by the loss of keys are covered if they have chosen and included the additional loss of keys in their private liability insurance.

• Replacing the door locks

• Exchange of the complete locking system

• Possible costs of object surveillance up to a maximum of 14 days

complacency damage

Additional services of private liability insurance

If you are friends or relatives for free, for example move Help, they are not legally obliged to replace the vase that caused them to break. Personally morally, however, you will certainly want to undo this damage. So that you will not be left with the costs, the clause helps complacency damage in liability insurance. So that you a friendly, unpaid assistance not expensive, they include this additional benefit best in their liability insurance.

The legal background:

The legislator does not want helpers having financial disadvantages because of their helpfulness. That’s why one will tacit disclaimer of claims for compensation services. If you ask yourself now, then what exactly is a courtesy service?

► Any assistance that they provide without a financial reward is a so-called convenience service.

The second point in the legal assessment is mild or gross negligence. In case of gross negligence, they are indemnified against the complacency.

Of course, you can also start friendship services with a so-called precautionary disclaimer. This means that they write a small Three Zeiler before the assistance and hereby exclude any claims for damages due to the assistance. We think this is not the best way to start a courtesy and we therefore recommend that you complete the Complimentary Complication bonus in your private liability insurance.

Rent property damage

Further additional services of the private liability insurance

Since more than half of the German citizens live in a rented apartment or a tenement, we have devoted a separate chapter to this additional service. In a nutshell, if you are a tenant or travel more often and spend the night at your destination in hotels and holiday apartments, the additional rental property damage is always worth your consideration.

She pays for damages:

• on buildings, such as the apartment or the hotel room

• Inventory, the famous burn hole in the coverlet

• Damage to rented, borrowed or leased items.

Examples of damage to a rental property include a running bathtub in the hotel room, a burnout in the hotel couch due to its cigarette but also if you accidentally drop your friend’s single-lens reflex camera for this vacation into the water.

Bad debt cover

In any case, we recommend this additional liability insurance, because in life you do not always encounter cautious people like you, but it can happen that you yourself suffer serious personal or financial damage and that the injurer is not in a position to do the damage to pay, but also has no liability insurance, which stands up in this case for him.

With the Additional benefit bad debt coverage You may agree with their liability insurance that in such a case, they will settle their own damage as you would have regulated it if they had caused the damage. The legal prerequisite for this benefit is that they have obtained a judicial title against the polluter and that he can prove that he can in no way pay for this damage.

Children who are unable to act

Until the age of seven years are children You are not responsible for damages caused by them and if you have not neglected the duty of supervision, you also do not have to stand for this damage. In road traffic, children up to the age of ten are considered as offense incapable.

What does this mean if you have neglected your duty to supervise??

Basically, it means that they have not paid attention to their youngest to the extent necessary and with due diligence. What in any situation would have been necessary, explain and determine in many cases the courts. If you include this additional element in your liability insurance, your liability insurance pays by request also damages for which they would not have to pay by law and which were caused by their children who were unable to act.

Her five-year-old son likes to throw pebbles out of the sandbox through the garden and on this occasion he meets the window pane in the neighboring house with unexpected momentum. Purely legally, the neighbor would have to replace the disc at his own expense, but in the sense of a good neighbor, you are certainly happy if their liability insurance takes over this damage on request.

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